Choosing a bike that works for you

The bike you choose depends on many factors: what you need to carry; the mileage and terrain of your commute; the kind of roads you’ll be riding; your budget; etc. Visit the bike page for an overview of commuter-specific bikes. MORE

Buying a Bike

It does make a difference where you buy your bike! Box store bikes are a bad deal, we often refer to them as bicycle shaped objects (BSO). Many people think bike shops only sell expensive bicycles to enthusiasts and racers. The truth is most bike shop customers are casual, recreational riders who want properly-fitting, quality equipment and expert advice and service. Though the initial cost of a BSO may be less than an entry-level bike from a bike shop, the poor quality and disposable nature of these bikes will ultimately cost far more. Mighk Wilson has adapted a comparison chart outlining the difference between a bike shop bike and box store bike.

Equipment and Cargo

There are a few accessories that make using a bike for transportation safer and more efficient.

Safety Equipment: Daytime Visibility, Nighttime Visibility, Eye protection, Helmet, Gloves, Ankle straps

Other Considerations: Pedals & Shoes, Fenders, Handlebars & Brakes

Carrying Your Stuff: Racks, Bags and Panniers


Route Planning

Finding the best route can sometimes be a challenge.

For those of us who live in the urban core, there are plenty of options — from quiet residential streets to multi-lane arterial roads. The best route among those choices is often more about personal preference than safety. A confident cyclist can ride on most any surface street. Some days you may just want the most direct route to hammer all the way, some days you’ll want to relax and enjoy some scenery. The beauty of bike commuting is that it offers a chance to interact with the community on a more personal level. MORE

Other Logistics of Bike Transportation

Using a bike for transportation does force you to plan ahead a little. But it’s easy once you have a routine! Here are some tips.