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The “I Am Traffic” Bicycle Education Colloquium

Florida Bicycle Association, CommuteOrlando.com, and CyclingSavvy…

Orlando Makes the Top 100! Again!

It seems as though every morning brings us news about hit and…

Personal safety when cycling alone

[Note from LisaB: I'm posting this on behalf of a female Commute…

Bike Rodeo at First Baptist Church of Casselberry

On Saturday, May 19, the First Baptist Church of Casselberry…

No Excuse for Speeding

http://youtu.be/y60YQOzNWYE A campaign by the government of…

Where’s That Driver Looking?

The following images are a series of crosswalk scenarios. The…

Want Respect on The Road? Ride a Recumbent

I will preface my remarks by stating this is not a report…

Classic Left Cross

http://vimeo.com/32887898 Fortunately, the cyclist was…

Have You Been in a Bike Lane Crash?

I'm compiling and mapping crashes involving cyclists in bike…

Excellent Dooring Analysis Video!

Bravo to Dan Gutierrez for this excellent compilation and analysis of dooring crashes. Spread it far and wide. It's time to rise up and demand an end to the government-sponsored duping of cyclists into riding where they can get killed.