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Insurance Company Plays Rough

Here's an unusual case: Cyclist was riding the wrong way on the…

Orlando Makes the Top 100! Again!

It seems as though every morning brings us news about hit and…

Second Class in Toronto

Downtown Toronto’s streets are very clearly not for people…

Hostility in Winter Park

This is my route to the Winter Park Farmers Market. It’s almost entirely residential streets, connected by the Mead Garden Trail. It’s not a route on which I would expect to be aggressively intimidated.

Bigotry is Blinding

The image below shows Primrose Dr. on the approach to Robinson…

Want Respect on The Road? Ride a Recumbent

I will preface my remarks by stating this is not a report…

Entitlement to Speed

Check out this news report from 1978. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GadveZeqAYk When…

Honesty takes a holiday

This case came across my radar today. It involves the case of…

Sidewalk Riders: Accept the Risk

I turn onto Maguire Blvd. from Woodcock or Lawton on a daily…

Being Irrelevant

I experienced a superb example this morning of how bike lanes…