Being a small, slow bicycle driver on roads full of large, fast vehicles can be quite intimidating. Decades of cheap fuel and urban sprawl have made it that much more difficult to drive a slow-moving vehicle in a fast-moving culture. But even in this less-that-perfect environment, cyclists can learn the skills and techniques to operate safely and confidently on the road.

The 10 things a confident cyclists knows:

  • How to control the bike.
  • The road is much safer than the sidewalk.
  • Following the rules is easier and safer than making up your own.
  • Regardless of infrastructure, it’s safest to integrate in the intersections.
  • There’s more than one way to turn left.
  • Life is good when you protect your space in the lane.
  • The limitations of bike lanes are many and allowing paint to think for you can get you killed.
  • Emergency maneuvers… just in case.
  • How to let it go and not escalate harassment.
  • That confident cycling is safer and less stressful than driving a car!

5 things a courteous citizen knows when driving a car:

  • Share the Road means one after the other, not that bicyclists should share a lane with cars.
  • Bicycles are vehicles, they belong on the road.
  • How to avoid common mistakes that cause crashes.
  • Bicycles don’t cause delay, the ten seconds you waited to pass was ten seconds less you waited at the next red light.
  • By being nice, you have nothing to lose but stress and bad karma.