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Changing our Ways and Follow T. Boone Pickens

According to T. Boone Pickens, Texas oil-man-extraordinaire, America is facing a true, very real crisis: We must change our approach to both energy and consumption, or we will forever be paying ungodly amounts of money for gasoline and be captive to foreign interests, not our own.

Signs of the Economy from the Bike

I used to count trucks at rest stops or between certain exits as a sign of how commerce is running. I am in the logistics business and have long counted trucks during my morning drives to see how much freight is moving on the highways. The more trucks, the better the economy. Now that I […]

Commuter Log

What a morning to ride to work!! Cool, dry, light to no breeze. 23.6 miles in 1 hour 14 min. Second best time, but the judges have disallowed the 1 hour 11 minute ride as wind aided.

Who Commutes from Sanford?

Who commutes by bike from Sanford to Orlando?  I do. Hi.  My name is Whit, and we moved here from Houston, TX, not quite 4 years ago.  Sounds like I am being introduced at an AA meeting, doesn’t it.  We lived in College Park and Baldwin Park before finally buying a historic home in Sanford, FL.  […]

My Daily Commute

OK, I am new at this. All of this. Blogging and commuting. But I thought it was important, so last week I decided to begin commuting from my home in Sanford to my office in College Park, 23.64 miles each way. I was nervous at first, not because of the riding bit, but how I […]