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Bicycle Bowling

Mark your calendar for Sunday May 29, 2011 In continuing CommuteOrlando’s celebration of National Bike Month, let’s rally the gang once more for Bike n Bowl, for what may be our final HooRah for Bike Month. The destination for this ride is Aloma Bowling Center.  You can view their game pricing and shoe rental here. […]

This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen

Seriously! I didn’t intend to have a mindset change or get this involved.  All I wanted to do was ride my bicycle back and forth to work to save on fuel costs and ride for fun. My Beginning Flashback to my start, My Own Ignorance for those that may need the history.  This was a […]

The Coolest Part of Your Disaster Kit

…….YOUR BICYCLE!  Yes, that’s RIGHT, your bicycle. Here is an interesting post here about getting around town after a disaster.  Seems the bicycle was the preferred choice after the tsunami struck Japan this past March.  Reports of bicycle use still going on today! As a utility cyclist, I have felt that mobility would not be […]

Are You the 1 in 5?

Excerpted from the internet: “If you spend any amount of time behind the wheel, the results of a recent national drivers test should scare you. And if they don’t, they should. In late May, GMAC Insurance reported that nearly 1 in 5 drivers — or about 38 million Americans — could not pass a written […]

Sometimes I Feel Like This

Thanks to Florida HB 971, we now have a “Mandatory Use” , when present, bike lane (BL) statute becoming active Wednesday, September 1, 2010.  Although the wording has officially changed, de facto BL use (F.S. 316.2065 (5)(a) is already on the books and such wording amounts to nothing more than doublespeak! While some BL’s may […]

Bike Shop Relocation

Rajin Cajun Bike Shop is moving to a new location September 1, 2010.  Their new shop will be located at 1809 South Orange Ave, 32806.  For quick reference, they will be in the former Automotive Speed Parts building on the corner of South Orange Ave and East Kaley Street, just north of the 7-Eleven.

Whackyville….Portland, OR

Leave it to the off the wall thinkers of Bicycle Utopia , USA to make some noise! Definitely gets the imaginative and creative juices flowing for me.  And to think “I” had a really big flatbed utility trailer! Now this is a Bicycle Trailer

Build-a-Trailer Workshop

As many of you may have noticed, I have been the Man-Around-Town with my custom trailer.  I originally built the trailer for grocery shopping and transferring my toolbox between hangars for work. Bicycle Rescue Inspired by Angie,  our family cycling expert, I added a skewer mount so that she wouldn’t be the only bike rescue […]

Pedaling Revolution

I received this book last Friday.  Interesting to note, Orlando’s own Mr. Bicycle, Mighk Wilson is quoted in the beginning chapters. One of the many things learned thus far is the timeline history of the various bicycle “advocate” camps and their key players. Since starting commuting, I’ve seen my interest in cycling grow exponentially. I […]

Bicycle Ride With Pets

Join the CommuteOrlando gang this Saturday at 12pm, February 13th. Our meet up will happen at PetSmart on Colonial and Maguire. For those who elect, or may need to drive, we suggest parking at the Cady Way Trailhead Children are welcome. Ride details and suggested routes to the ride start can be found here Keri […]