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Nutrition and the Bike Commuter

Many commuters hope to be healthier and perhaps shave off a few pound but may find themselves eating more, snacking more and feeling fatigued on the ride to or from work. I am a dietitian, so after I bike and shower I spend my day trying to talk people into eating correctly. Here are a […]

School’s Out

We are just like the kids, isnt it great. My morning ride had about 50% less cars in Oviedo thanks to the end of the school year. I got across several intersections without stopping. Closer to Winter Park wasnt as different. How about the rest of you?

Gains and losses

Calculating the savings of commuter biking Or should I say the gains? I started commuting to work several days per week on my bike. I ride from Oviedo to Baldwin Park. One-half my ride is road and then I hit the Seminole and Cady Way trail. Nice ride, best of both worlds. My bag is […]