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New Facilities Catching On

I have been working in DC this past month and have been overwhelmingly impressed with the amount of cool bicycle facilities that they are constructing and implementing.  I plan on heading back up to DC this week, and I am encouraged by new articles that I am seeing in conjunction with Earth Day and DOTs […]

No Excuse Zone Orlando-Update

It has taken a while to get the final rides in for the No Excuse Zone, but we finally got them completed and mapped. We are now going to take this map and perform some additional analysis within the 3 zones. We want to know what the population densities are, % of car traffic and […]

World Record Bike Parade

Tomorrow morning (Sunday April 11) at UCF, the Orange County Council of PTAs are inviting everyone to participate in a world record bicycle parade. Registration begins at 9:30am and staging begins at 10:30. The route is 2.5 miles and should be a free, fun, event with a purpose!

No Excuse Zone Orlando-Update

Yesterday my friends and I rode another installment of the No Excuse Zone-Orlando project. We rode toward College Park and were able to explore the College Park area, north of downtown Orlando. We have become accustomed to the automobile traffic along these large roads, and it has become very interesting to see how they react […]

No Excuse Zone Orlando-Update

A few weeks ago I announced my intentions to survey the streets of Orlando to find the most efficient routes to get to and from Orlando’s downtown. My team of friends and I  have had several survey rides and have seen lots of interesting conditions, and I want to update you on our progress. As […]

Afternoon Ride

Sorry for the short notice, but this is this afternoon! Get your bicycle and join in for a great ride around town. The Tour will be stopping at local, independently-owned restaurant/bars that choose to carry American-owned craft beers. The Tour begins at 2 pm at The Virgin Olive (807 N. Orange Ave, just North of […]

No Excuse Zone-Orlando

As Orlando increases its cycling ridership, I am starting a small project with some of my cycling friends, that may help other commuters and cyclists feel more comfortable in using their bicycle in the urban Orlando environment. We are calling it the No Excuse Zone, based on a project that our company did for Sydney […]

Reflecting Back On the Road

This weekend has been beautiful riding weather and I got to put in 4 hours of recreational riding. Most of my time in the saddle was spent taking in the sight and sounds of the open road/trying to hang onto the back tire of the rider in front of me, but the rest was spent […]

Ride On!

I was once told that the most efficient and reliable man-made tool was the bicycle chain. I rediscovered this great invention 6 years ago when I started grad school and needed to save money on gas, parking, time, etc. I say rediscovered because like most children I learned to ride a bike during my elementary […]