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Pedestrian Workshop: Take Back Our Streets

Meet at the Racetrac on Aloma Ave between Forsyth and Tangerine. We’ll take a couple of hours to meet with local residents who are out walking, explain to them what we’re doing, and demonstrate for them the proper use of the crosswalk.  We anticipate that the residents we contact will spread the word and encourage […]

Take Back Our Streets – Crosswalk Workshop

Kasön Bailey’s tragic death can become another traffic death statistic or a springboard for bringing greater safety and convenience to Metro Orlando’s streets for pedestrians and bicyclists.  I’m choosing to pursue the latter. On Sunday, October 17th at 3:00 pm, the first Crosswalk Workshop will be held just 100 yards from the site of the […]

Witnesses: Teen crossing Aloma struck by 2 vehicles, killed

Orlando Sentinel – Oct. 10, 2010. Read the full article about 17 year old Kasön Bailey’s death here. This is the second pedestrian death at this location since a crosswalk was installed in early 2008.  This accident is particularly upsetting to me since I advocated for the crosswalk knowing there was high pedestrian activity there […]

Missouri Town Law Protects Bicyclists

The City Council of Independence, Missouri took an unusual step last week and passed an ordinance banning harassment of bicyclists, pedestrians and wheelchair users. Independence City Council unanimously approves anti-harrassment ordinance Wouldn’t it be great to know your right to share the road with motorized vehicles was protected by an ordinance like this? Why not […]

Reply to Make Our Roads Safer Orlando Sentinel Editorial

After publishing a very salutatory article about Bike To Work Day and bicycling in general, the Orlando Sentinel chose to publish Make Our Roads Safer, an editorial condemning Florida bicyclist’s objections to HB 971 which would require bicyclists to use bicycle lanes.  In the Sentinel’s editorial, local bike advocates Brad Kuhn and Mighk Wilson’s views […]

Cycle Savvy Class Report

Saturday I completed a bike handling class put on by Keri Caffrey and Mighk Wilson.  The class is a prototype for one that Keri and Mighk are planning to take live in the near future.  When it does become available, grab the first slot you can, because it will change the way to think about […]

St Pete and the RRFB

Color me green, with envy, that is.  Today I visited St. Petersburg with Mighk Wilson and Keri Caffrey.  Keri and I were tagging along with Mighk whose purpose was to check out installations of the RRFB, Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon, on pedestrian crosswalks.  The envy part came about when I saw just how pedestrian friendly […]

Metroplan Orlando Pedestrian Safety Workshop – 18Feb2010

Metroplan Orlando held a pedestrian safety workshop yesterday. The attendance and enthusiasm was very encouraging. The board room was filled to capacity with more attendees than expected. Many different disciplines and organizations were represented, all with the same goal of enhancing pedestrian safety in Metro Orlando. Presenters included Bill Segal, Metroplan Orlando Board Chairman, Mighk […]

The Case for a Six Lane Moratorium

The last two years have brought unprecedented change to the nation and to Central Florida. The financial crisis virtually dried up credit. This caused the housing bubble to burst putting Florida’s housing industry sales into free fall. Unemployment, foreclosures and out-migration rippled through the economy. And for the first time since the end of World […]