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Want Respect on The Road? Ride a Recumbent

I will preface my remarks by stating this is not a report on a scientifically proper experiment, but relating my person experience. In other words, strictly anecdotal evidence. I recently had a total shoulder replacement, left side. Knowing I couldn’t ride my standard bike for a while, I looked into a recumbent to use while […]

Bikes Make a Difference

Pedals for Progress, Bikes Not Bombs, Re~Cycle, Bikes for the World (any more?) plus many local organizations – they all have the right idea.  Bikes make a difference everywhere.  

Pedestrian Fashion Trends: Light Colored Clothing a Must

Light colored clothing for strolling the streets of Metro Orlando is de rigueur, definitely in fashion and absolutely a must to wear this spring. As well as making a fashion statement, wearing light colored clothing is a practical, defensive, proactive move.  When you are crossing the street and are hit and killed some tranquil evening […]

“Blame The Victim” Ploy Misses Mark

Today I received an article from Transportation for America entitled “Blaming Pedestrians Won’t Solve The Problem”.  I recommend the article, it’s short and to the point.  It cites an article in USA Today on pedestrian deaths increasing in 2010 that hints that pedestrians may be to blame.  The Washington Examiner then picked up the story […]

Make Metro Orlando’s Streets Safer For Pedestrians

I was pleasantly surprised to see Dan Burden’s guest editorial on pedestrian safety in today’s Orlando Sentinel.  Here is the link. As many of you know, Dan is a world-renown pedestrian safety and walkable community advocate.  His editorial is timely, on target, helpful and appreciated.  I urge you to read his editorial, pass it on […]

Crosswalk Workshop II – October 31st

Hot on the heels of our first Crosswalk Workshop is the upcoming Crosswalk Workshop II on Sunday, October 31st.  We plan to work the crosswalk on Edgewater Drive at Shady Lane Drive at the 7-11 convenience store. Please plan to join us between 3:00 and 5:00 PM to meet with local pedestrians, explain to them […]

Crosswalk Workshop 17Oct2010 Report

The Coalition to Take Back Our Streets held its first Crosswalk Workshop at the pedestrian crosswalk on Aloma Avenue between Forsyth and Tangerine.  This crosswalk is 100 yards west of the crash site where Kasön Bailey was killed Friday night, October 8th.  The three workshop participants were Keri Caffrey, Christopher Eggebrecht and myself.  Will biked […]