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Cargo Biking in the Burbs

“You’re not really going to carry that on bikes?” I love blowing people’s minds. Saturday, Lisa and I rode our bikes to Lukas Nursery to get some plants for the front porch and see what they had in the way of vegetables. We found some good-looking tomato plants as well as cherry peppers and hot […]

Some thoughts from a ride to dinner…

Lisa an I took advantage of the beautiful evening and rode to dinner tonight. We’re fortunate to live near the Cross-Seminole Trail (a shared-use path). The path took us almost all the way from home to the restaurant. Aside from a few annoying, unwarranted stop signs (which will be the topic of another post) the […]

Over-the-top Enforcement

Truth is stranger than fiction. Gary Elswick was out for a ride in his neighborhood when he was pulled over by an Orange County Deputy for running a stop sign and “riding the wrong way on a one-way street.” Here’s his neighborhood: No one-way streets. In fact, there are a bunch of narrow, one-lane, dead […]

i am traffic

All road users, including bicyclists are entitled to equitable treatment by the government and the public.

Two Terrific Videos for Law Enforcement

These are from Seidler Productions. They were produced under an FDOT grant for law enforcement training. A lot of the footage in this first one was shot here in Orlando. You may recognize some familiar faces. This is a sweet introduction to the many types of bicycles and purposes of bicycling. This one is to […]

First Friday — Light Up Orlando!

Let’s be festive! Decorate your bike for the December 7 First Friday ride. Battery-powered Christmas lights can be found at Home Depot. There are other fun items, like neon wires and spoke lights. Put on a string of lights, build a trailer float, or just come enjoy the ride with us. You can even show your decorations off two […]

Ride a Bullitt and Other Awesome Bikes at SE Cycling Expo

SouthEast Cycling Expo is this Saturday! I will give a short presentation on utility cycling at 11:20, followed by Q&A. But here’s what I’m most excited about: I get to ride a Bullitt! And you can, too! Kasper’s Cargos will have Bullitt bikes in the demo area. I’m really stoked about this because I’ve wanted […]

Teen Driver Safety Week

It’s National Teen Driver Safety Week. It was a bad weekend for metro Orlando bicyclists in the path of teen drivers. Yesterday an 18-year-old driver lost control of his car and killed a bicyclist on Avalon Park Blvd. Saturday a 19-year-old driver lost control of his car and killed a bicyclist on Old Cheney Highway.

Spokes People — Bike-umentary

Yay! It’s finally on Youtube! Two years ago, Nic Cristie came to town to shoot his film school thesis — a story of people using bikes for transportation in our “dangerous” city. I set him up with Rodney and Jesse. He also shot some footage of a Bike Bus ride — Jason, Kitzzy and me on […]

A Great Example

By now you’ve probably seen the video from Colorado of the motorist following 2 cyclists, blaring his horn and refusing to pass. Yesterday I posted an article to our facebook page announcing that the driver was charged by police. This article, from TrainingPeaks, is closer to a first-hand account. I’m posting it here because I […]