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Enforcement for Bicyclist Safety

In the wake of several unwarranted traffic stops and citations of cyclists for lawful lane control, Metroplan Orlando has published a document which will be distributed to Law Enforcement agencies in Central Florida.

New Space for Community Collaboration

We’ve created a facebook group to bring us together: Exchange ideas to make Central Florida better and better for bicyclists Seek route advice or share great routes you’ve explored Discuss topics related to alternative transportation Join, create and share community events Show off photos of cool bikes, crazy hauls, and more Make new friends Please […]

Pedaling to Paddle

Central Florida isn’t just a great place for bicycling, it’s a great place for all kinds of water activities, too. I’ve been wanting to start kayaking again. I’ve owned a nice fiberglass touring kayak for 18 years, but it’s been stored in a friend’s shed for the last 8. It’s a great boat, but the […]

Orlando Bike Trail Meeting

Connector trails, quiet streets and friendly motorists make Orlando a great place to travel by bike. And it keeps getting better. You can have input into Orlando’s Citywide Trail Plan? Come to the public meeting Feb 18 at Loch Haven Center.   Download Flyer

A Law Like No Other

Most traffic laws have a clear and effective purpose — to reinforce the rules of movement and promote safety. FS 316.2065 does not. It is a convoluted mess made of a vestigial law created in the 1940s to get bicyclists (presumed to be children) out of the way of motorists.

The Stop Sign Reduction Project

A Trail Traffic Control Working Group has been set up to address the misuse and overuse of stop signs on our multi-use path system. This is an overview of the process, challenges and possibilities and what you can do to help.

Right on Red, Screw the Peds

Oh those sneaky amendments. A few years ago bicyclists were blindsided by the insertion of a mandatory bike lane law into transportation bill HB 971. This year pedestrians are quite literally being blindsided by an amendment to HB 7125 filed on the second-to-last day of the 2013 Florida Legislative Session. Here’s how it reads (new […]

Why We Need to Watchdog Sharrow Placement

As if the MUTCD minimums were not bad enough, these installations don’t even meet them. The intent seems to be to keep the bicyclists as far right as possible, as if that will minimize their impact on the important traffic. Of course, it’s going have a different impact on the bicyclist who is sideswiped, or doored then run over.