LYNX Lost & Found Auction

Bicycles up for auction. Good luck.

First First Friday

Come join us for the first First Friday of 2015! The forecast…

MetroPlan Needs Your Help to Make Accurate Area Bicycle & Pedestrian Counts

MetroPlan Orlando needs volunteers to help count pedestrians…

River-to-Sea: It’s Your Turn

Some ideas and advice for those who might want to take advantage of both the St. Johns River-to-Sea Loop and SunRail.

River-to-Sea Tour Epilogues

You’ve had eight days of me describing this ride, now I’m handing over this tour blog to my riding partners, giving them an opportunity to share their perspectives.

Day Eight: The End, and Beginnings

Let's wrap this thing up.

Day Seven: Mad Dogs and Englishmen…

I hear it's been sort-of hot. Out on the road you just listen to what your body tells you, not the thermometer or the internet.

Day Six: From Famous Florida to Secret Florida

Ten miles west of St. Augustine we turned onto another section of trail, the Palatka-to-St. Augustine Trail.

Day Four: Old Friends and an Old Town

As we pulled up to A1A from a side street, we saw a few people hanging out on one of the beach boardwalks across the highway. Almost immediately one of them came running at us, arms waving...

Day Three: Going Rogue

In theory, when bicycle touring in hot climates, one would get an early start in order to minimize one's time riding during the hottest hours of the day. It hasn't exactly been working out that way.