This site is dedicated to Orlando Metro Area cyclists who are currently using their bikes for transportation, or want to. Commuting or running errands by bike is a great way to save money, get exercise, unwind and feel like you’re doing something good for yourself and the environment.

Our authors are:

  • parents who ride with their kids
  • car-free and car-light families enjoying a low-impact economically rewarding lifestyle
  • planning professionals
  • pedestrian and bicycling safety experts
  • people who love bicycling

We cover all topics relating to alternative transportation, advocacy, education, safety and livability. We love a good discussion and we’re proud to have drawn an audience of critical thinkers from the far reaches of this continent and a few others. Our goal is to create a supportive community for utility cyclists. We offer advice on equipment, good routes, problem solving and general camaraderie. Join us in the blog, on the forum and at our community rides and events.

Get out there and ride BIG. Together we can make this community one of the best in the nation for cycling.

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