Ride With Larry 3 / Orlando – Saturday, June 29th

Road route to Altamonte Springs

Join us for a 50-mile ride following “The Great Loop” route. This is the second year that riders from Orlando have taken part in the “Ride With Larry”.  We will begin at the Cady Way Trailhead near Colonial Town Center on Saturday morning, June 29th, at 7:30 am. We’ll cruise through Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Lake Mary, Winter Springs, and Oviedo. and return to the starting point via the Cady Way Trail. It will be a comfortable pace using a combination of trails and scenic roads. This event focuses on the healthy benefits of cycling.

The original “Ride With Larry” was as 300 mile trek across South Dakota which took place in June 2011.  The primary cyclist was Larry Smith, a gentleman who has lived with Parkinson’s Disease for over 20 years. Larry completed the journey in spite of rain and wind aboard his Catrike recumbent   His entourage swelled to over 150 riders on the last day. It was later discovered that he rode that entire distance with a fractured vertebrae! This ride is to honor Larry’s accomplishments and to encourage others to “Pedal On.”

A documentary entitled “Ride With Larry” is expected to be released this fall. It shows the preparation for the ride, the challenges to overcome along the way; but mainly its a story of hope and courage. Watch this sneak preview of the film. And then sign up for the June 29th RWL3 / Orlando. See you there!

You can RSVP via the facebook event, or let us know in the comments if you are coming. Or you can just show up, but it is helpful for us to have an idea of how many riders are joining us.

Group shot on Cady Way Trail


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  1. fred_dot_u
    fred_dot_u says:

    I’ve watched the movie and visited the spacebook web site, but I’m not a spacebook user. Does that mean that one cannot sign up for the ride? Are there any fees or donations involved?

  2. John Alexander
    John Alexander says:

    Hi Fred, Thank you for your interest in the Ride With Larry 3 / Orlando. This ride is open to the public. There are no fees or donation requirements. Simply show up and be ready to ride at 7:30 am on Saturday, June 29th, at the Cady Way Trailhead near Colonial Town Center. Be sure to come prepared with water and snacks. We will stop for lunch about halfway.

    If you are inspired by Larry’s efforts, you could make a personal donation to the Davis Phinney Foundation through one of its Victory Crew events called the Grandparents Ride. The link is http://dpf.kintera.org/keepcalm/grampysriders That’s totally up to you.

  3. fred_dot_u
    fred_dot_u says:

    It’s getting closer to ride day! A couple questions in my alleged mind, however. What sort of speeds are your riders expecting to travel? I had a “club ride experience” on Sunday that was listed as 16-18 mph, which started at 20 mph and climbed steadily from there.

    Because this entry is on Commute Orlando, is it safe to believe that these riders will stop at stop signs and red lights too?

    thanks for your kind consideration

    • John Alexander
      John Alexander says:

      Hi Fred,

      The ride will be at a reasonable pace. Probably about 10-12, with some stretches at about 15 mph. That’s about my top speed.

      We will be stopping at stop signs and red lights, justs like other Commute Orlando rides.

      Probably stop for lunch about half way.

      Hope this helps,


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