Have You Been in a Bike Lane Crash?

I’m compiling and mapping crashes involving cyclists in bike lanes in Orange, Seminole and Osceola Counties. If you’ve been involved in such a crash I’d like to hear from you. Some key information I’d need:

Date and Time: if you don’t have the exact date, just the year will do.

Location: what street were you on and what was the nearest cross street? It’s helpful if you can also give an estimate of the distance and direction to that cross street.

Crash Type Info:
Was a motor vehicle involved, another cyclist, or just you and the roadway environment?
Were you going with or against the flow of traffic? (I wouldn’t expect CO readers to be going the wrong way, but just in case…)
If a motorist was involved, what were his or her actions? Pulling out from a driveway or cross street? Right hook? Left cross? Dooring? Explain as best you can.

Lighting: was it daytime or night; dawn or dusk? If night, did you have lights on your bike?

Was a police report filed?

Please send your story to Mighk Wilson, mwilson@metroplanorlando.com

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  1. fred_dot_u
    fred_dot_u says:

    I had a motorist-induced crash in 2006 or 2007, but it was in Volusia County and not in a bike lane so much as on the unstriped shoulder area inside the curb. Since it’s out of the requested region, I won’t go into details, other than that the driver was cited for violating my right of way.

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