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Create your own caption for this photo and post it in your comments. Prize will be awarded to the winning entry, selected by a panel of grumpy old cyclists.

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  1. Keith
    Keith says:

    Citing the successful Mandatory Bike Lane, and Helmet use laws, the safety department denied that bicycle ridership would in any way be hampered by the Mandatory Nose Protection Requirement.

  2. fred_dot_u
    fred_dot_u says:

    Keith kinda beat me to it… my contribution is,

    “I thought the clowns were behind the wheels of motor vehicles!”

  3. Keith
    Keith says:

    These riders completely missed the point and thought that it was Douche infrastructure that they were supposed to emulate.

  4. Keith
    Keith says:

    Determined to ride on despite the recent cold wave, these cyclists donned their nose muffs and enjoyed the brisk fall First Friday ride.

  5. Keith
    Keith says:

    Although still under development, the benefits of psychle-analysis seem to be helping Bob with his depression and anxiety issues.

    • Keith
      Keith says:

      Unfortunately, despite the “advanced techniques” employed they are still treated as pedestrian by many within the community.

  6. Keith
    Keith says:

    MacBeth confronts his “Inner Demons” in the final Scene of Act II in the Rolling Shakespeare Company’s latest production.

  7. Keith
    Keith says:

    “Bob” & “Carol” – surely not their real names – felt a little bit silly and were sure that everyone would be laughing at them for wearing matching pants and shoes on the group ride.

  8. Keith
    Keith says:

    Despite the initial angst over having been hastily “relocated” after the trial, Mr. And Mrs. “Smith” were still able to find solace in their favorite past time.

  9. Brian
    Brian says:

    In another failure in connection with their “Stop pedaling . . start driving” advertising campaign, General Motors attempts to illustrate that only clowns would consider folding bicycles to be a viable transportation alternative.

  10. Keith
    Keith says:

    Meet some of the new characters found in the Disney pictures remake of the 1970’s classic “The Warriors”; Warriors come out to playeeeeyaa!!

  11. JohnB
    JohnB says:

    “I’m telling ya, ever since I left the circus, I just can’t get used the huge wheels on these civilian bikes…”

    Hope it’s okay I pointed my Bike Commuting Meetup members to this. Fun!

  12. Keith
    Keith says:

    After secreting the rest of the recording equipment elsewhere on their persons, the law enforcement officials convinced these two informants that the microphones were indetectable and sent them off to the rendevous.

  13. Gary Cziko
    Gary Cziko says:

    Two CyclingSavvy Instructors try out the newly developed CyclingSavvy Traffic Danger Sniffer (CSTDS). This hi-tech device senses impending traffic hazards (such as a left cross, opening car door or distracted driver) and emits a different detectable foul odor for each hazard (for example, a distracted driver smells like a pig farm, which unfortunately makes the device less useful in North Carolina). Savvy cyclists already use their senses of vision and hearing to stay safe. This ingenious device adds the sense of olfaction to make cycling even safer and is available only to CyclingSavvy graduates.

  14. John A
    John A says:

    Honest, I read in the Bike / Walk Central Florida newsletter that everyone would be riding folding bikes and wearing clown noses for the First Friday Ride.

  15. Diana
    Diana says:

    Get your entry in by Wednesday, October 26th, 5 PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time, and a winner will be selected. So many great entries that we may have to choose a 2nd and 3rd place, also. Prizes will be delivered or mailed (depending on the winner(s)’s location. Good luck!

  16. Diana
    Diana says:

    And the Grand Prize Winner Is….. Keith!

    The Judges were blown away by Keith, who had one terrific caption after another! The judges were overheard laughing out loud at Keith’s entries.

    Keith, as Winner of the contest, you are invited to ride up front beside the ride leader as the GRAND MARSHALL at our upcoming (date to be set) Fabulous Foldie Fun Ride. (A folding bike will be provided for your use for the ride.) You will also receive a modest basket of assorted bike-related goodies. Congratulations! Awesome talent you have there!

    First Runner Up is…P.M. Summer, for his entry on October 25 at 8:01 PM.
    Second Runner Up is…Brian, for his entry on October 25 at 8:15 AM.
    Great work, guys! You will each be receiving a small prize by mail.

    Thanks to everyone who participated! There were some really clever entries, and no losers. Thanks for the fun!

      • Diana
        Diana says:

        The Judges were unable to agree upon your best caption, and I wasn’t willing to be a tie breaker, because I liked them all, so we went with you as the grand winner. Which of your entries was YOUR favorite?

  17. JohnB
    JohnB says:

    I guess MikeP’s “Rudolph the Red knows rain, deer” entry of 10/28 came in after deadline, but FWIW now, that’s my vote. 😀

    • Diana
      Diana says:

      JohnB, you had some good ones, too! Next time we have a contest, maybe you will agree to serve as a judge on the panel of grumpy old cyclists? In the meantime, I am taking it upon myself to award you “Miss Congeniality” (the only category not yet taken) and will send you the prize you deserve. Also, next time you are down this way, there is a foldie waiting for you and a ride.

      • P.M. Summer
        P.M. Summer says:


        You need to have a “folder race” (includes folding and unfolding a few times). Great fun for Birdy riders (like me), less so for Bike Friday riders. 😉

      • JohnB
        JohnB says:

        Thank you, Diana!

        I’ll work on my grumpiness for next time. It’s a heavy burden living up to the grand tradition of grumpy old white vehicular cyclists named John (as in Forester, Allen, and Schubert), but I’m working on it. I do think my development in the snarky comment department is coming along quite well. 😉

  18. Diana
    Diana says:

    Tim Bustos, Executive Director of Florida Bicycle Association, rides the most beautiful blue-green Birdy. He was in Orlando for a First Friday Ride, and he showed me how quickly and easily it folded. I picked it up, and it was light as a feather. I was duly impressed. If there were a Commandment about not coveting thy FBA Executive Director’s folder, I’d be breaking it. So when you come to Orlando, Mr. Summer, in fairness to the rest of us, you will only be eligible to compete in the Birdy Division. 😉

  19. Dave Holland
    Dave Holland says:

    I know this is a perfectly good nose, I just think I could cut some time off my daily commute with a carbon fiber nose.

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