Thank a Tropical Storm

Did you notice how pleasant last evening was? And right now it’s only 87° with 46% humidity. Heck, that’s almost winter.

Diana and I went to The Daily City Food Truck Bazaar yesterday. I was prepared for the typical disgusting heat of July, but was pleasantly surprised by the sweet, cool breeze. It felt like a late September evening. Since we don’t get cold fronts in July, there could only be one cause.

Sure enough. There’s a tropical storm in the Atlantic. The counter-clockwise flow pulls drier northern air down to Florida. As long as the thing stays out there and moves East, it’s all good.

This may be a lovely evening for a bike ride! Maybe a visit to the Audubon Park Community Market.

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  1. Kevin Love
    Kevin Love says:

    Meanwhile, here in Canada…

    Today’s high in Toronto was 95F, tomorrow is forecast for 93F and Thursday for 99F.

    We’ve got to go to Florida where it is nice and cool.

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