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Few things are more rewarding that witnessing the magic of empowerment. Since I met him in a CyclingSavvy class last November, John Alexander has repeatedly inspired me. In class, he progressed from difficulty with slow speed balance to nailing emergency drills and from initial nervousness on the road to confidently navigating the Ivanhoe interchange alone. After taking the course, he expressed a desire to apply what he’d learned to one of the most fearsome interchanges in the metro area.

John is the embodiment of what we wanted CyclingSavvy to accomplish — empowerment for unlimited travel, the tools to ride confidently anywhere.

That’s just what he’s done with it! He’s discovered that the bicycle offers a unique way to explore new places.  He rents a bike on business trips to get a feel for different cities at Bike Speed. John has written some fun adventure stories for us at CommuteOrlando, and he’ll continue to be an author here. He’s also started his own blog as a place to collect his adventure stories and share his successes.

Join John’s adventures at Bike Speed.

Cycling has had a huge impact on my life during the past year.  Most of all, I’ve discovered the benefits of traveling at “Bike Speed” – not too fast, not too slow, just right!  When you are taking in the world on your bike, you have the ability to pause to talk to a friend, take a photo, and observe your surroundings.   Everyone’s in such a rush these days – maybe we all need to view the world at a different pace.

When I “dusted off” my bike at the beginning of 2010, the first thing that I did was to crash!  Not quite as dramatic as it sounds, but I underestimated my speed while approaching a narrow bridge and smacked into the guardrail.  Didn’t help that the shoulder which made contact with the steel upright had been undergoing five months of rehab for a torn rotator cuff – Ouch!  My bike didn’t fall over, but my garage door opener flew out of my basket and landed at the bottom of the creek.  Then and there I decided that I needed to improve my bike handling skills. more

Tailwinds, my friend! It’s people like you who keep me going when the hill feels too steep and the rock too heavy.

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