Magically Morphing Multi-Use Bicycle Trailer

Just the other day as I was grocery shopping, I was thinking how cool it would be if I could use my cargo trailer as a grocery cart. Len Rubin of Portland Bicycle Trailer Company had the same thought, and more. Check out this ingenious thing.

I want one!

From Kickstarter:

My latest project is what I lovingly call, “M.O.M.”™ (for “Multipurpose Overland Mover” ™)—an exciting twist on a traditional “loadbed” bicycle cargo trailer design [see Andy Hunter’s BikeBox, Nick Lobnitz‘s Carry Freedom Y Frame, etc.] that–through a system of versatile Trailer Plug-Ins™ –greatly expands the range of what can be easily and conveniently transported by bicycle (using a “morphing”, one-tool-does-it-all cargo trailer!)

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  1. Tamara Rubin
    Tamara Rubin says:

    Hi! This is Tamara Rubin, Len’s wife. We just posted on our Kickstarter Home Page (in the F.A.Q. section) how you can help us to meet our goal and win/earn a FREE M.O.M. Trailer™ for yourself! Please check it out! Thanks for your enthusiasm and stay in touch. Our other website (project on hold for the moment until we get trailers in production) is (Len’s Ultimate Folding Bicycle) As for the M.O.M. Trailer™, there are 19 updates with additional trailer photos posted on the kickstarter home page too – and if you want to get all of the updates automatically – all you have to do is pledge at least $1 as a backer of our Kickstarter Project. Thanks again!

  2. Tamara Rubin
    Tamara Rubin says:

    Hello! Thanks for sharing about our trailer project! We’ve been hard at work for the last year and have finally just relaunched our Kickstarter campaign…this time with a much more modest goal, which—if people extend the level of support we saw for the original project—we should have should be able to reach by the project’s end date of July 25! Please check it out—lots of new goodies for backer rewards as well. We have also set up an FAQ section on the new Kickstarter site that should answer most folks’ questions. If you have questions that you don’t see answered there, let us know and we’ll add to the FAQ. We’ve also updated our website with a fairly extensive set of photos of the trailer in action. Thanks everyone for your support!

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