The Coolest Part of Your Disaster Kit

…….YOUR BICYCLE!  Yes, that’s RIGHT, your bicycle.

Here is an interesting post here about getting around town after a disaster.  Seems the bicycle was the preferred choice after the tsunami struck Japan this past March.  Reports of bicycle use still going on today!

As a utility cyclist, I have felt that mobility would not be an issue in the aftermath of a disaster.  Imagine the possibilities with a bicycle if motor vehicle use was hampered as a result of such an event.

Bike Ambulance

How could the sick and injured be transported to receive medical attention?

Bike Ambulance with Stretcher

You are already equipped for the drill.  The basics you already have. Pump, tube(s), patch kit, multi-tool, and whatever else you carry in your daily kit.  If not already equipped one would need racks, panniers, and/or trailers.

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