CyclingSavvy this Weekend

Just a reminder, this will be your last chance to take a full weekend class before October. Class offerings:

Truth & Techniques of Traffic Cycling (classroom session) will be offered at Metroplan Orlando from 6-9PM on Friday, April 8.

Train Your Bike (bike handling session) will be held at the old Orlando Arena from 8-11 AM on Saturday, April 9.

Tour of Orlando session will begin in Colonialtown (12:30-4PM) Saturday, April 9. (completion of other two sessions is required to take this one).

All day students will ride as a group from the Arena to lunch (Baja Burrito in Colonial Plaza). All group riding is done at a speed that is comfortable for the slowest rider (this is typically about 9-10mph). The Tour class begins at Colonial Plaza and ends back at the Arena. The all day course is a lot of fun for the camaraderie, but it is physically and mentally demanding.

For those wanting single sessions, or to take the course in 3-hour increments, you can sign up for Truth & Techniques or Train Your Bike. Individual sessions are $30 each. A package (all 3 sessions) can be purchased for $75. Package price is valid even if you take the courses on different dates.

To learn more about the course, click here.

Please use this form to register.