Bikes Make a Difference

Pedals for Progress, Bikes Not Bombs, Re~Cycle, Bikes for the World (any more?) plus many local organizations – they all have the right idea.  Bikes make a difference everywhere.


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  1. Kevin Love
    Kevin Love says:

    The bicycle plays an essential role in Third World development. It is no coincidence that the largest production run of any bicycles ever was for domestic consumption in China. This was the Flying Pigeon, over 500 million of which remain on the road today.

    Or that the current world’s largest producer of bicycles today, Hero Cycles, is in India. They make over 18,500 bicycles per day, mostly for domestic consumption. Wow!

    Some governments get it. I love the scene in the Streetsfilm shot in Bogota, Columbia. That’s where the bicycle path is a first-class facility with all the locals riding on it, and the road for cars is unpaved, rubble-strewn and deserted. See the 30 seconds from 2:15 to 2:45 at:

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