Boy cyclist attacked by man and daughter in pickup truck in DeKalb

From Atlanta’s Journal Constitution:

A 45-year-old man is facing a simple battery charge in DeKalb County after he was accused of shoving a boy on a bicycle who asked him to put away his cellphone, according to a media report Friday.

Brody Hartley, 13, told Channel 2 Action News that he was nearly sideswiped by a man in a pickup truck near the intersection of Lilburn Stone Mountain Road and Hugh Howell Road. He rode up to the man when the truck stopped at an intersection, and saw him texting on his phone.

“I just tapped him and said, ‘You almost hit me back there. Could you put the phone away?'” Brody told the TV station. “And he told me, ‘Pull over.’ He was going to talk to me,” Brody told the TV station.

They pulled over at a gas station, where Brody later told police that the man shoved him and kicked his bike with the help of his daughter who’d been riding with him. The man told him he shouldn’t be riding on the road.

A police report obtained by Channel 2 Action News said that both William Tinnell, 45, and Brittney Tinnell, 18, admitted to shoving Brody Hartley.  Both are free on bond.

Brody told the TV station that the shoves popped his shoulder out of place.

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    • will
      will says:

      Its stories like Keri’s that bolster my decision to get armed. If he had more then just his bike as a weapon, things might have turned out different.

      Likewise the shoving incident, good defensive tactics could easily come into play. if theres an angry confrontation, I wouldn’t want to be in shoving distance, bplain and simple. I’m glad that didn’t turn more serious.

  1. Steve A
    Steve A says:

    Are either of these really cycling stories or simply stories of sick people where cyclists happened by at the wrong time? I am NOT a victim and I’m pretty sure Eric and Keri aren’t either.

  2. Scott
    Scott says:

    It’s amazing that these people were actually charged with something.

    I’ve been purposely shoved to the ground twice while on my bike and the cops just blamed it on me both times.

  3. JAT in Seattle
    JAT in Seattle says:

    Now I happen to believe that, in most circumstances and with some training, a 13 yr old is aware enough and responsible enough to be a cyclist road user. I also think (no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary) that we are entiled to expect cooperative reasonable behavior from our fellow road users.

    What this boy did was rely on the reasonableness of others and what he got was a face-full of sociopathic road rage and a dislocated shoulder. Two adults beat up a child for being uppity. “He had no idea he was fighting with a kid.”

    As for arming oneself, I read this all the time, but unless you practice the quickdraw after practicing being knocked off your bike, I’m not sure how this helps.

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