8 Customers per Parking Space

“We are traffic! Let’s eat!” said Brad.

It was raining steadily, but all the ride leaders showed up for the First Friday ride. Of course, only the ride leaders were there. We decided food and beer sounded better than leading ourselves on a 10 mile ride, so we headed directly down Mills to Bananas. Just as we were queuing up to leave, one participant pulled into Loch Haven. She was happy to join us for the short roll to dinner. Welcome Sasha!

A steady stream of motor traffic passed us in the left lane for the entire trip, yet not a horn was heard. Yay Orlando!

The valet at Bananas welcomed us to the parking space right by the door. In one space, we parked vehicles for half as many customers as the rest of their lot holds. Yay bikes!

We’ll be planning some more social rides for Florida Bike Month (March). Stay tuned to the calendar.

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  1. Tom Armstrong
    Tom Armstrong says:

    The ability to park so many single-passenger vehicles in one parking space has always been an argument in favor of bike use. I love seeing that happen. It’s even better when other patrons notice the effect.

  2. Steve A
    Steve A says:

    Hmm, I can see an editorial in the Orlando Sentinel now, complaining about cyclists taking up the BEST parking spots and bemoaning their lack of consideration for regular people.


  3. Sasha
    Sasha says:

    I had to so much fun and everyone was so warm and welcoming! I cant wait till the next time I get to ride with all of you!

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