An Easy Way to Report Problems

Is a traffic signal not detecting you? Is there debris in the bike lane or a hazard on the trail?

Report it!

Metroplan Orlando recently rebuilt their website. In the process they replaced the old PDF Spot Improvement Form with an easy-to-use online form.

The purpose of this form is to give citizens a convenient way to report small physical problems on paths and roadways that may pose safety hazards for bicyclists.  Types of problems would include:

  • Traffic signals that don’t turn green for bicyclists (unresponsive loop detectors)
  • Potholes in parts of the roadway or shoulder normally traveled by bicyclists
  • Drainage grates that could trap or divert bicyclists’ wheels
  • Debris in designated bicycle lanes

The great thing about being able to do this through Metroplan is you don’t have to know which agency is responsible for the road or facility. Mighk will take care of identifying and contacting the city, county or state agency in charge.

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  1. Steve A
    Steve A says:

    Is an acknowlegement receipt sent or do you recommend people make their own records? Mighk may be perfect, but a form submittal may go astray or his backup when he’s on vacation might get things messed up or there could simply be an obscure code bug. While I am not a big fan of Google Bikes, their follow up is a great target to aspire to.

    Even if not perfect (and it might BE perfect), it is a big step in a good direction. Hope it doesn’t swamp Mighk from his other good works!

  2. NE2
    NE2 says:

    “small physical problems on paths and roadways that may pose safety hazards for bicyclists”
    Does this include signs and paint that tell you to ride in the door zone?

      • NE2
        NE2 says:

        Who will promptly throw them in the trash, I assume.

        Anyway, wouldn’t the photo of a too-narrow bike lane also be too large for this form? (I’m assuming the grass hasn’t grown horizontally since it was striped.)

        • Keri
          Keri says:

          The bike lane is too narrow even when it is edged, but the grass will encroach that far into the pavement. It has on Glenridge, too.

          I posted that photo here:

          Readers called the city. Less than 2 weeks later (despite the Thanksgiving holiday) that bike lane was edged and the sand swept out of it.

          Of course, the dangerous drain grates are still there. I recommend submitting a form for those… maybe if 1/2 dozen people do that, the City will be compelled to fix it. Or better yet, get rid of the damned stripe.

          (Note, the contact at the city is different now. Charles has escaped Orlando.)

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