Excellent Interview

Check out this interview of our friend John Schubert by Diane Lees. Listen here:

The Outspoken Cyclist 12/4/10

John Schubert is Technical Editor of Adventure Cyclist magazine and an expert witness for bicycle crashes.

In this interview, John offers an easy-to-understand explanation of what enhancements are, why we need to fix state laws and why safety reviews of facilities is so essential. He and Diane also discuss cycle touring and equipment and the electric-assist bike he’s reviewing for Adventure Cyclist.

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  1. John Schubert, Limeport.org
    John Schubert, Limeport.org says:

    It was all spontaneous, so I’m glad you liked it so much. Diane and I had a vague notion of some of the topics we might talk about (we ran out of time before we could get to tandems), but events kept me from doing any preparatory organization, and I didn’t have my customary checklist of talking points to cover.

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