CyclingSavvy: Empower Yourself in 2011!

CyclingSavvy is not just a bicycle course, it’s a shared adventure to discover what most people don’t know is possible—that you can use a bicycle for transportation on the streets of our town with ease and confidence.

What our graduates are saying:

I was thrilled with the Cycling Savvy program and particularly impressed with the videos and animations that you used in the classroom portion.  In addition, you demonstrated a sincere understanding of adult learning – showing us what to do, building on our skills slowly, discussing the way to approach challenging features, encouraging (but not demanding) that we “fly out of the nest”, and then celebrating our accomplishments.
— John Alexander, Lake Mary

This course will educate you on problem-solving traffic and fine-tuning bicycle handling skills. I’m close to 5,000 miles of bicycling this year and I still walked away from the course learning something new.
— Becky Afonso, Oldsmar

Being a graduate of TS101, I was familiar with and practice destination positioning when riding my bike. Although I am not a LCI I have had the privilege of assisting with teaching TS101 with the LCI’s in NFBC (we have three). The practicality of what Mighk & Keri are doing with CS is far superior to TS101. I walked away with much more confidence in my riding skills after taking this course.
— Jodi Hohlstein, Jacksonville

To get things started in January…

The popular weekend course is back: Friday evening and Saturday January 7 & 8 we will offer a full course.

  • Truth & Techniques of Traffic Cycling (the classroom session) will be offered at Metroplan Orlando Friday evening from 6-9PM.
  • Saturday begins with a Train Your Bike, bike handling session, followed by a group lunch, then the Tour of Orlando in the afternoon. It’s a fun day, but it is physically and mentally demanding.

For those wanting single sessions, or to take the course in 3-hour increments, you can sign up for Truth & Techniques on January 7 (6-9 PM). As the weekend class fills, we’ll add more on-bike courses, so if you want the whole package in individual sessions, please sign up for the classroom session!

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