BMUFL T-shirt in Retina-burning Yellow

You, too, can educate motorists and annoy cyclists driving cars!

We’re printing the Bikes May Use Full Lane sign on the back of technical T-shirts.

My screen printer has finally located a source for retina-burning technical T-shirts. These are spun-polyester wicking fabric, but they actually look and feel like cotton. Here are the specs. We’re looking into the possibility of offering long sleeve as well, but right now we know we can get short sleeve. The price for short-sleeve will come in around $20/shirt. I’ll add the price of long-sleeve when I find out.

If you’re interested in buying one, please fill out the form below. It’s not a firm commitment or a purchase order, it just gives me an idea how many and what sizes to order. Your email address won’t be used for anything other than to contact you when we have the shirts.

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  1. Steve A
    Steve A says:

    That looks just like the shirt I got in my Traffic 101 class, except for mine omits the “may!” I shall have to wear it some time. It IS a very eye catching hue. The only bad thing about the short sleeve version is that in Texas, the interval in between sleeveless and long sleeve season is only a couple of weeks long.

  2. Bruce
    Bruce says:

    I saw Brad wearing this t shirt last Saturday. I would love to purchase one (or two depending on price). I am xl.

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