UCF Bike Bus Still Riding Strong

UCF Bike Bus It’s been a month since the first official Bike Bus ride, and we’re still going strong. We have 3 regular passengers in addition to Jason and I, though not always on the same days. We pick up ad hoc passengers from time to time, and have gotten inquiries from potential passengers interested in riding but our schedules haven’t aligned yet.  Jason has been trying to add additional days on some weeks, but it’s not really feasible for Jason and I to ride every day. It will be nice when the bus grows enough to have different drivers covering all 5 days. If you are interested, let us know!

Motorists seem to be getting used to us on the road by now, and we rarely get honks. When we do, they are usually from 2 lanes over so they aren’t even affected by us. Our bright colored shirts, or highlighters as one kid that saw us on the trail remarked, are getting plenty of attention by coworkers who notice us on University Blvd on their way to work, and other UCF staff interested in joining us soon.

What’s Coming Up for the Bike Bus:

  • We’ll have a table at the One Less Car Orlando Expo this Saturday. Come by to say hi and learn more about how to get involved with the Bike Bus.
  • Jason is working on a Bike Bus Tracker app that will let passengers know where the bus is and how long before it reaches their location. He is still testing it, but should be ready for beta soon.
  • Jason and I will be at the First Friday Ride on October 1st. The first one last month was a ton of fun, so don’t miss out!
  • If you want your own Bike Bus shirt, Big Frog Orlando has the art work on file and the highlighter yellow shirts on file. No minimums required!
  • I encourage you to join the bike bus when you can, even if just to experience it once when you have a day off. Check out the Central Florida Bike Bus site (sidebar) for upcoming rides and hop on!
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  1. Kelley
    Kelley says:

    Hey there –

    I’m doing research on bike buses in the U.S. We’re putting together a proposal for the city where I live (Hampton Roads area in Virginia). We’d like to present information about successful bike buses held elsewhere.

    If, by any chance, you know of literature (print or Web) where I might find more information, please email me at the address I provided.

    Ride on!


  2. AndrewP
    AndrewP says:

    Saw the Bike Bus today (4/15/11) starting out — looks like you guys are picking up a few memebers — how about a status report on how it’s been going? 🙂

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