Upcoming Activities

Since our calendar is outside the main feed, I want to call attention to a few upcoming activities.

Bike/Walk Central Florida and CyclingSavvy will be at the First Presbyterian Health & fitness Fair this Thursday (9/16) from 10:30-2.

CommuteOrlando and CyclingSavvy will also be at the One Less Car expo, along with Bike/Walk Central Florida, Central Florida Bike Bus and reThink. CyclingSavvy is providing Train Your Bike sessions as raffle prizes.

We have another ice cream ride planned this Friday (9/17). We’ll roll from the Cady Way trail head (Fashion Square) at 7:30, do a loop through lovely downtown Orlando and finish up at Utopit in Baldwin Park (easy access to the Cady Way trail).

RetroCity Cycles is offering a free basic maintenance clinic next Tuesday (9/21). Critical Mass is the 24th. We have a Train Your Bike session scheduled for 9/26.

And don’t forget First Fridays on October 1!

Also in the works

Rodney is organizing our long-awaited trailer-building workshop. We’re shooting for 10/16. RetroCity Cycles will host the event. You will order your trailer kit through them in advance and it will be there for you to show up and build. The DIY trailer kit allows you the option to build a 24×36 flatbed or a 24×48 flatbed. If you want to participate in this, please let us know. Expect more details and an RSVP date in a future post.

The follow-up event to this workshop will be a pumpkin ride—to buy, then carve, then haul jack-o-lanterns through town!

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  1. apryl armstrong
    apryl armstrong says:

    put me on your email blast. I don’t usually ride in groups but you guys seem like more then JUST a Group of biker freaks like me. Thanks

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