First Friday Ride


April 1, 2011: Loch Haven Park

Come celebrate cycling with us!

Bike/Walk Central Florida, CommuteOrlando and reThink want to promote cycling and roadway cooperation. We want cyclists to be expected and respected as a normal part of the traffic mix, as groups or as solo riders. As one part of our ongoing campaign, we’re organizing a monthly group ride during drive time. Here’s the plan:

  • We will meet the First Friday of every month. We may create start locations in different areas. The first will meet at Loch Haven Park. Future start locations will be added to this calendar listing.
  • We will ride in manageable-sized groups (8-14 riders) leaving from a central location and riding in ±10 mile loops. The number of groups/loops will depend on the number of riders who show up for the event.
  • The rides are social. The pace is typically 10-12mph. Faster groups may be formed as participation grows.
  • The groups will ride double-file, legally in the right lane of multi-lane roads and obey all traffic controls. The object is to make law-abiding bicycling visible. The motorists who encounter us will see us asserting our right to use the full lane and waiting at the red lights just like them. Same Roads, Same Rules, Same Rights.

A few ground rules:

  • All riders must have a head light and tail light. The days are getting shorter.
  • We will operate within a single lane, no more than 2-abreast.
  • We will stop behind queued traffic and not filter forward.
  • We will obey red lights. In the event there are stop signs on the route, we will stop, yield and proceed as a unit.
  • We will not engage in hostility. It is rare for motorists to be hostile to our social groups, but in the event it happens, we will ignore or offer pleasantries in return. Let them have their bad karma all to themselves.
  • Due to HB971, we will have to ride single file in bike lanes where present. We will try to plan routes to minimize exposure to bike lanes.

If you are interested in being a group leader, please let me know. You can comment here or send me a note via the contact form.

2 replies
  1. Steve
    Steve says:

    I was running friday night around 6:30 and saw the criitcal mass group riding down Orange Ave. and taking up the whole roadway with no organization. Is this how these rides are normally? seems like no rules and illegal riding.

    • Keri
      Keri says:

      Steve, That is how the Critical Mass rides work. The First Friday rides are completely different. We use only one lane, we operate in smaller groups, we obey all the traffic laws, we wait in the queue of traffic and do not pass, lane-split or swarm.

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