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Reviewing the video from the art ride last night, I was drawn to a few still images. I had the camera mounted near the hub. It caught some interesting angles. So, rather than edit the video, I entertained myself in Photoshop…

Brad coasted past the camera. I love the flipflop! It just captures the essence of our easy-going group.

Undeterred and insistent upon having fun in any conditions! The lightning didn’t threaten us for too long, but the rain started by the time we got to Robinson. We arrived wet, but happy, like a bunch of little kids.

When we got downtown, the sun was shining under the storm clouds, lighting the buildings and creating a cool orange glow.

Court street. I’m stopped, so the camera is even more cockeyed than usual.

Waiting for the group to catch up. They missed the yellow light. I’m attracted to the texture of that under-lit tree in the background. It makes me think of Maurice Sendak’s illustrations.

It’s inky dark on Robinson, though not really this dark in real life. The ContourHD doesn’t have a wide aperture, so most of the video is black with little headlight dots, then the cyclists would occasionally be highlighted by the street lights.

What Moves You will continue through 9/11. And tomorrow (Saturday) RCBC will have a bike maintenance workshop at the Arts Factory from 3-5 PM.

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  1. Kitzzy
    Kitzzy says:

    These are awesome! I love the one with the lightning. This was a really fun ride. I’m so glad I found this group.

    We should organize a group ride to one of the Popcorn Flicks in the park. They are the 2nd Thursday at Central Park, although the next one is at Lake Island Park on Denning Drive. They’ll be playing The Iron Giant. The schedule for future months is not up yet, but it should be soon.

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