Just a great commute today …

I like my commute.  Yesterday’s was really good.  Let me tell you why …..

First, it starts with the fact that I just got my bike back from the repair shop (kudos to Kyle’s Bike Shop for a first-rate job, done on time and under budget!!).  I had a flat tire, and when I went to inspect it I noticed that both front and rear tires were worn away to almost no tread — in fact the flat had shredded the front tire enough that it needed to be replaced.  I guess that’s somewhat to be expected — I think I got 3,00-3500 miles off those tires.   So while getting new tires, I had wheel spokes tightened and wheels trued, had new brake pads installed,  and brakes and derailleurs/shifting checked and adjusted.  Wow, what a difference!!   Bike feels “new”, and feels “faster”.  Is it all in my head?  Maybe, but it did put a smile on my face …..  🙂

I normally leave my house right at 7:00am.  I am pretty punctual, and as it turns out so are a lot of other people.  On my ride, I get to see certain people on the (Cady Way) trail …. not always every day, but with enough frequency that now after a couple years we recognize each other and nod and smile as we pass.

I like this.  Yesterday, I saw the young lady who has been doggedly jogging for the last 2 years.  She’s dropped some weight since I first saw her, but she runs with the same style — a little pigeon toed with the left hip when she is tired ( I notice because I too have this hip-thing and walk/run the same way when tired).  She usually just smiles and does not say anything when we pass … but it was good to see her.   Further on, I see an older gentleman on his hybrid bike who seems to be a commuter — we nod as we pass.  He’s been doing this for some time as well.  The there’s the couple who walk together, another woman who rides her Beach bike and always wears a reflective vest, and ……. surprise!!   Keri and two other cyclists pass me going the opposite way!  They were on their way to the inaugural University Bike Bus ride that Keri has just posted about … anyway, always nice to see familiar faces that are also commuters!

I also pass a group of roadies …. most have their heads down, in the drops, with dark sunglasses and tight logo-ed jerseys peddling fast.  I can’t really differentiate the individuals, so I just think of them as the Borg …. 😉   Hey, it’s all fun and to each his own …..

I see up ahead coming at me a lady on rollerblades.  She and I have gotten to know each other over the past years, but this is the first time we’ve seen each other in a while.  She rollerblades to work out, and she works out hard.  Sometimes, when our schedules are dead on, we ride together.  I will become her coach and she tries to keep up with me leading the way — she says it is killer workout for her and she loves it .  Wears me out too!!  This time we stop and chat to catch up — some things happening in her life that has kept her from working out as often (why I hadn’t seen her in a while) but now she’s back on schedule again.   We part with the comment that we will need to do out workout thing again soon …

The rest of the ride in is typically uneventful, except  for the fact that I catch every light just perfect and don’t have to stop for any.  This rarely happens, but today everything seems in perfect alignment.   I get to work on time and start my day feeling great ……

The commute homes starts around 5:45pm.  Today, there was no rain in the immediate area, but clouds had developed west of I/4 that blocked the sun.  This is a small blessing as it seems to lower the temps 5-10 degrees ….. proceed towards home and once again all lights are perfectly  timed and I do not stop for any!  I also notice that the winds are blowing from the SW, a perfect wind for the ride home as it increases my speed by 3-4 mph.  I’m in my top gear cruising super-fast, and it feels awesome!!!  Smooth pavement all the way, baby!! ……

I don’t typically see the same faces on the commute home like I do in the morning, but I do pass the occasional Borg … but then up ahead next to the Cady Way Pool I see a group of cyclists — Mom on bike, Dad on a ExtraCycle with a Bucket (and little girl), and a a very young rider on her own pink bike.  It’s Angie, Jessie, Sophie and Vivi (from 4onaQuarter fame)!!  The family is getting Sophie ready for bicycling her own bike to kindergarten with her Mom.  I must say she was doing fantastic, a bobble here and there but she’d just get back on the bike and start again.  Mom and Dad should be proud; she seems like a very confident young cyclist-in-training!!

After a brief ride with family, we part ways and I proceed up and over Mt. Cady.   I shift into top gear for the decent, reaching 29mph according to the cyclometer.  Better yet I stay in top gear all the way to my next crossing, where again I do not have to slow down or stop for any traffic.  This holds true for all remaining traffic intersections and I make the best time possible getting to my door.

Just a great, great day to be on a bike.

Hope your commute went just as well ……

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  1. AndrewP
    AndrewP says:

    I know it feels like we commute in a vaccum sometimes, so it’s always good to see faces of folks we know, expecially when they’re ones that frequent here …. 🙂

  2. Kitzzy
    Kitzzy says:

    I was one of the cyclists with Keri. I agree, it’s nice to see familiar faces. Our usual commute includes Cady Way and Econ Trails, and I noticed this more on Blanchard Park. There was always this lady in her recumbent bike with a cover riding along that looks so at peace. It was awesome!

  3. fred_dot_u
    fred_dot_u says:

    WOW! This was almost like reading “Alice through the looking glass” and certainly more enjoyable. Nicely done, Andrew.

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