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Reed (Chipseal) had another court date yesterday. After months of trying to figure out what to charge him with (since he didn’t actually violate any laws), Ellis County prosecutor settled on reckless driving. Yeah. Reckless Driving. For riding his bike in a straight line and controlling his lane to ensure safe passing.

You can read an excellent report of the proceedings on DFW Point to Point. And another at CycleDallas.

For newer readers, here’s some background.

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  1. fred_dot_u
    fred_dot_u says:

    Because this is the sort of thing that can happen to any safely-operating cyclist, the readers of this blog should consider to contribute to Reed’s appeal. I’ve had to go through the legal process and would have enjoyed some financial assistance, but I think Reed needs it all the more. There’s a link on the primary website,

    These backcountry legal wizards and brain-damaged law enforcement need to get their just desserts.

  2. Eric
    Eric says:

    This really belongs in a “News of the Weird.” Anyone know a friendly news reporter in TX?

    Let people laugh at Ellis County for a while. I’m tired of them laughing at Winter Park and it’s dog poop “problem.”

  3. Glacie
    Glacie says:

    What!?! Really!?! Sometimes I truly wonder about police officers with nothing better to do than harass cyclist and make their lives miserable. And then the courts to follow suit!?! Unbeliveable.

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