CyclingSavvy Website Launched

We want to take cycling education to a whole new level. Check it out.

Mighk wrote an excellent FAQ for motorists, which includes a new animation demonstrating the hazards of riding too far right. We’re implementing Rantwick’s brilliant idea to get attention for law-abiding cyclists and promote the course.

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  1. JAT in Seattle
    JAT in Seattle says:

    Really great work.

    My only quibble (with the animation, no the riding technique) is the phrasing at the Right Hook conflict:
    “Some car drivers cannot think ahead or imagine taking their foot off the gas.”

    Almost certainly true, but inadvertantly inflammatory and condescending. (but true…)

  2. Steve A
    Steve A says:

    I’d been pondering a similar shirt. Unlike a lot of such shirts, it doesn’t preach. I suggest that anyone going to the website be offered a survey on how the cyclist is riding. Keep in mind that the responder will almost certainly be a motorist, so questions ought to elicit a positive response if the cyclist was following good practice. For example, “Did the cyclist obey all traffic signals while being observed?” For another, “Did the cyclist signal turns while being observed?” For a third, “Was the cyclist riding in a fashion so you easily saw him/her well before you had to change lanes to pass?” You get the idea. THEN take them to the FAQ. They’ll be more responsive when they just answered a bunch of questions that caused them to think maybe the cyclist really didn’t have a death wish after all. And put a number on each shirt.

    And dump that gas tax “cyclists drive cars” thing. It doesn’t pay for the roads cyclists ride on anyway. THAT is a stronger argument. Cyclists pay property taxes, which fund much more of the local roads. Since bikes wear those roads less, they actually subsidize motorists who don’t pay extra property taxes.

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