Cycle Chic Movement

Kids, Don't Try This at Home

Something from Copenhagen is becoming a worldwide phenom.

Has nothing to do with cycle tracks or lanes or anything else.

Cycle Chic stresses utility cycling and above all else, looking good doing it.

If you visit the original site, you can read about burning issues, such as how to cycle in a skirt correct posture for waiting at a red light, and see pictures of  funky and stylish saddles.

And what good would a Movement be without a manifesto? Ladies and gentlemen, I present the Copenhagen Cycle Chic Manifesto.

– I choose to cycle chic and, at every opportunity, I will choose Style over Speed.

– I embrace my responsibility to contribute visually to a more aesthetically pleasing urban landscape.

– I am aware that my mere prescence in said urban landscape will inspire others without me being labelled as a ‘bicycle activist’.

– I will ride with grace, elegance and dignity.

– I will refrain from wearing and owning any form of ‘cycle wear’. The only exception being a bicycle helmet – if I choose to exercise my freedom of personal choice and wear one.

– I will choose a bicycle that reflects my personality and style.

– I will, however, regard my bicycle as transport and as a mere supplement to my own personal style. Allowing my bike to upstage me is unacceptable.

– I will endeavour to ensure that the total value of my clothes always exceeds that of my bicycle.

– I will accessorize in accordance with the standards of a bicycle culture and acquire, where possible, a chain guard, kickstand, skirt guard, fenders, bell and basket.

– I will respect the traffic laws.

Bicycle-friendly Europeans set the fashion for ‘cyclechic’.

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  1. alexcopeland
    alexcopeland says:

    Finally a post on this website that makes me smile instead of filling me with rage. Minus the whole clothes should cost more the bike thing, I am on board. (I shop at Ross. so its not really possible.)

  2. Keri
    Keri says:

    There is an Orlando Cycle Chic group on facebook.

    I’m headed to a meeting on the bike this afternoon, but it’s too hot to wear meeting clothes. I’ll be wearing shorts and a t-shirt and changing there.

    I sure miss winter.

    • bencott
      bencott says:

      indeed. it’s hard to be chic when you’re sweating buckets. i couldn’t even stay dry on a nice, leisurely ride to the bank just now.

      • Eric
        Eric says:


        How does wearing shorts and a tee-shirt “contribute visually to a more aesthetically pleasing urban landscape.”?

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      “and a hat that would definitely blow off my head at the crazy speeds at which I ride”

      Why would you be riding so fast that your hat would blow off? If these women can ride in heels, the least you can do is slow down and ride in style.

      Style is important.

  3. danc
    danc says:

    From the “Copenhagen Cycle Chic Manifesto”
    – “I will endeavor to ensure that the total value of my clothes always exceeds that of my bicycle.”
Oh my a Imelda Marcos of bicycling ethic?

    – “I will accessorize in accordance with the standards of a bicycle culture and acquire, where possible, a chain guard, kickstand, skirt guard, fenders, bell and basket”.
Sounds like a bicycle accessory industry plug?

    – “I will respect the traffic laws”.
I like your thinking!

    Only two Copenhagen months equal Orlando’s climate. Stylist clothing seems more possible with cooler temperature. I doubt Københavners would keep chic much less comfortable without cycling duds. Try 10 miles at 90F (32C) with a heat index of 101F (37C).

  4. alexcopeland
    alexcopeland says:

    I can’t stop thinking about this… Obviously we here in florida can’t wear the same kinds of clothing as the hipsters in Copenhagen but what if we went with more of a florida flavor. How about a guayabera, Lightweight khaki pants and flip flops/sandals? Top if off with nice cuban style fedora. I think the guayabera might be cooler than a t-shirt.

    I’ll try it and let you guys know. Keep an eye out for the guy on an x-tracycle dressed like this choosing style over speed.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      Give it some thought.

      Trading in the t-shirt for a shirt with a collar would be step up. A shirt or blouse with buttons would be even better.

      I don’t have a guayabera. I have some shirts with palm trees, a collar and buttons on them that I wear. They fit pretty loosely, so they don’t get too hot.

      I wear the khaki shorts with little sockletts so it looks like I’m not wearing any socks, but I might try flip-flops again. I got a nasty scrape from those when I was a kid and leaned over too far in a turn and have been wary of them since.

      The hat is a puzzle. I sometimes wear a fedora style straw hat, but if there is a breath of air, it wants to fly. If I “screw it on” tightly, I will ruin it. But it really makes “the look” right and a wearing hat while riding will make you grin. Maybe a thin string to hold it on.

      I was also thinking about one of those canvas hats that people wear on sail boats.

      ANYTHING I do will make me look better than those bums I saw at Will’s a few weeks ago. What a dive.

      I forgot to mention that if you like Ross, you might like the the Goodwill Boutique in Winter Park. That’s where they send the good stuff including brand new clothes that didn’t move. I picked up some khaki shorts last week for $5-10 a pair. Bought three pair for $21.

  5. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    Style over speed. Speed over style. Depends on my mood on a given day. But I’m not sure I can commit to the “no wearing of cycling gear” part. I used to think bike shorts and jerseys were a bit over the top, until I started riding long distances and commuting to work. That lightweight material really helps wick away some sweat. 🙂

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      “That lightweight material really helps wick away some sweat.”

      Microfiber is supposed to do that. One of the pair of shorts I bought are khaki microfiber pitched as golfing attire. I can’t tell much of a diff, although they do dry faster than cotton.

      Microfiber polo shirts are also sold and they look a helluvalot better than those cycling jerseys. A little pricey, though.

  6. eddie
    eddie says:

    I haven’t worn my cycling shorts in ages. There is an art to riding with very little effort. It’s like a stroll instead of a brisk walk.
    Smile, Breath, and Go Slowly
    thich nhat han

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