Locals Receive FBA Annual Awards

Every year, the Florida Bicycle Association acknowledges the efforts of individuals and organizations who deliver on the FBA mission to “inspire and support people and communities to enjoy greater freedom and well-being through bicycling.” Nominations are solicited from FBA members, however, anyone can submit a nomination for a wide variety of categories.

Officer Bill Edgar accepts his award from George Martin

Enforcement Officer of the Year
Officer Bill Edgar, Orlando Police Department

Officer Bill Edgar has demonstrated outstanding leadership as a law enforcement professional in his position as In-Service Training Coordinator for the Orlando Police Department and president of the Law Enforcement Bicycle Association (LEBA). Through his duties, he has used his expertise and influence to encourage the department to enact policies that will help assure uniform and consistent enforcement of the laws about bicycling in Orlando, something that is lacking in some jurisdictions. He was instrumental in developing and distributing a training bulletin on cyclists’ lane position, one of the most misunderstood areas in enforcement. He is assisting in the development of FBA’s Bicycle Law Enforcement Program, and is acting as an active member of the Officer Advisory Panel that is insuring the program will meet the needs of officers and their agencies. His understanding of both the cycling environment and the law enforcement community is a great contribution to FBA and the Program. His participation and advice are greatly appreciated.

I nominated Officer Edgar for this award. He has given a tremendous amount of effort helping us with the Toolkit as well as helping with local issues from unwarranted traffic stops to easing pressure on critical mass. He has helped Lyndy teach several TS101 classes. He let me play with the bike cops for a week and he was the star of our most popular video!

Congratulations Bill!

Club of the Year
Florida Freewheelers
Sharon Wolfson, President
Scot Hartle, Executive Director

More than 600 members strong, the Florida Freewheelers caters to people who ride bicycles for fitness, recreation and sport. The club’s main function is to offer bike rides in the Central Florida area. All rides have designated leaders, and maps are handed out at the start of each ride. For newer or less experienced riders, the ride leader makes sure no one rides alone. Their members ride all types of bicycles — road bikes, hybrids, mountain bikes, tandems, and recumbents. Their two flagship events are the Florida Bicycle Safari in the Spring featuring a week of touring and camping in the panhandle, and the Horrible Hundred, held the third Sunday of November, known for its challenging hills throughout Lake County. Both events celebrated 30 years of great riding!

The Flamingos is an initiative of the Florida Freewheelers to reach out to women cyclists of all riding abilities. The Flamingos’ goal is to provide women specific club activities including road bike rides, all-terrain bike rides, educational and social events, plus to promote activities for female recreational cyclists. The club is also dedicated to advocacy. The Florida Bicycle Club Presidents meeting was a joint venture between FBA and the club held last November in conjunction with the Horrible Hundred in Clermont. Meeting participants were offered a complimentary ride registration as an incentive to attend this gathering to connect club presidents with one another. Due to its success, the 2nd annual Florida Bicycle Club Presidents meeting will be held November 20, 2010, the day before the 31st Annual Horrible 100. The club also has a paid executive director to manage the organization.

Congratulations Freewheelers!

Educator of the Year
Keri Caffrey, CommuteOrlando.com

I missed the awards ceremony, Mighk presented my award at the BPAC meeting on Wednesday

Keri has made a name for herself across the U.S. for her insightful approach to cycling and cycling education. Her exceptional skill set is being put to good use in Florida including the Orlando area.  As a professional graphic artist and excellent writer, she is able to communicate complex ideas to everyone.

Keri has been an enormous asset to FBA by designing the website and many print materials. Most recently she took the lead in developing a new adult bicycle traffic course for FBA. That course — called Cycling Savvy — has now finished its piloting stage and will soon be launched in Orlando through the Florida Safety Council.  Instructor training for the new course will also be coming soon.  Keri’s CommuteOrlando.com website and blog have not only become a valuable resource for Orlando area cyclists and pedestrian advocates, but also host some of the best conversations on the web regarding bicycling matters. She has also been an innovator in the use of video for cycling education and advocacy.  Keri’s travels usually include exploring new cycling facility treatments and connecting with fellow cycling educators. Souvenirs generally include great video, photos and especially astute observations.”

That, like, totally made me blush. “The best conversations on the web” are all about you, dear readers. Thank you for that!

Thank you FBA! I am honored.

Read about more creative, hard-working advocates around the state who received 2010 FBA awards here.

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  1. fred_dot_u
    fred_dot_u says:

    Congratulations to Officer Bill and Communicator and Educator Keri! Our world of cycling would be a much poorer place without you and it’s wonderful to see it recognized by an equally valuable organization such as FBA.

    How did Mighk squeak by without getting a kudos?

    • Keri
      Keri says:

      Mighk deserves a LOT of awards! But he’s an FBA board member, they don’t give awards to themselves.

      I wanted to share the education award with him.

  2. Diana
    Diana says:

    Congratulations to Officer Edgar and Keri on your well deserved recognition! And Keri, you have improved the quality of our lives. Nothing short of that. Thank you!

  3. Ken
    Ken says:

    Congratulations Office Edgar and Keri! Well done! Congrats to the Freewheelers as well. Hoping to get out for more weekend rides with you guys soon!

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