Lead a Bike Bus to Mayor Dyer’s Ride

Want some company on your way to Mayor Dyer’s ride? Form a bike bus!

Below is a collaborative map. You can add your start point and route. You may also add intermediate pick-up points. For an example, see what Mighk set up for VegFest last year. When adding your start point, please indicate the time you will roll out.

The map starts with one initial route. Courtney Miller of reThink will be leading the Cady Way bike bus.

[cetsEmbedGmap src=http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&ll=28.567185,-81.378307&spn=0.065431,0.100594&z=13&msid=114940231337553822335.000486313c9d14d177d3d width=500 height=425 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no]

How to Lead a Bike-Bus

Route planning: It is best to use multi-lane roads where your group can ride two-abreast and occupy the right lane. Quiet streets are a nice option where possible, but it’s a good idea to avoid 2-lane roads with steady traffic.

Leading: There are 2 key positions for leading a group: the front and the rear. The front rider knows the route, the rear rider initiates lane changes. When the bike-bus makes a left turn on a road with more than one lane in each direction, the front rider will call out when to change lanes. The rear rider will negotiate or ensure the next lane to the left is clear and move into it, then the group will sweep left in front.

[kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.commuteorlando.com/ontheroad/animations/group/groupmerge.swf” base=”http://www.commuteorlando.com/ontheroad/animations/group/” width=”500″ height=”125″ ]Get Adobe Flash player


View Full Size Group Lane Change Animation

Safety: Be sure to point out road hazards and move the group well away from them. Clear communication is important. Pick a designated person to ride in the back and lead merges. Explain to everyone how the group works before you roll. Encourage participants to speak up if the pace feels too fast and adjust accordingly.

The idea of a Bike-Bus is companionship and visibility. Staying together is the key, both for safety and to ensure nobody gets dropped and possibly lost. Keeping slower riders near the front and a faster, more experienced rider at the back will help keep the group together. Keep speeds low, it is not necessary to ride fast on the road.

You may use the comments section or the forum to organize your route. Also, advertise it on the facebook event page and Bike/Walk Central Florida facebook page.

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  1. Laura M
    Laura M says:

    I can do a bike bus route from the Starbucks at S. Orange & Crystal Lake Street (just north of Michigan, across from SODO).

    Any tips for a route? Straight up Orange Ave >Rosalind > Magnolia. Then what? Magnolia to where it turns into Lakeview/South Ivanhoe to Edgewater?


    • Keri
      Keri says:


      Yes, I think the best route is to go straight through town on Orange/Rosalind/Magnolia. I will email you instructions for leading the group through the Ivanhoe interchange with ease.

      • rodney
        rodney says:

        Thanks. I tried to make it happen. That’s the precise intersection I had hoped to begin. Most likely will need to depart about 0645-0655 Hope to keep it around 10-14mph pace. I figured about 6.4 miles in pre-planning.

        I liked the Conway to VegFest route. Try to use as much of it as possible. That was a nice ride.

  2. Carlos
    Carlos says:

    This would be more like bike away from work day for me, since I work behind Fashion Square and live in Baldwin Park. And it’s my work from home day. Maybe I can make an exception.

  3. Laura M
    Laura M says:

    2nd question? Once we have a route identified, how do we get it added to the map?

    I used google’s bike routing tool and it suggests taking Ivanhoe to Shady Lane to Edgewater, but I think Lakeview to Edgewater might be better.

    I have a class at 8:30am at Lynx, so I won’t be hanging around for any festivities after the ride.

    • Keri
      Keri says:

      Click through the link to view larger map. I think you have to be signed in to a gmail account to see the edit button on the larger map. It should appear in the upper right corner of the left sidebar. When you click the edit button, you’ll get the marker and line icons. Drop a marker on your start point and you’ll get a pop-up to add a title and description. Then use the line tool to draw in your route. In the pop-up windows, you can assign a color to your lines and markers by clicking the icon at the top right of it.

      The bricks on those college park neighborhood streets are brutal. Lakeview has a center turn lane that allows cars to pass, so I think it’s a better option. Be alert for potholes on the right side. And, of course make sure everyone stays out of the door zone on Edgewater. This will mean riding single file at the far left edge of the bike lane.

  4. Jayeson
    Jayeson says:

    This is a bit early in the morning for me but who knows, maybe. What would be the best route option coming from Maitland on the west side of I-4? There seems to only be two options, Wymore which is a 2 lane collector to be avoided, and 434 -> Edgewater, but that stretch of Edgewater is a big old sewer IMO. Thoughts?

    • Keri
      Keri says:

      I used to commute down Wymore w/o too much trouble. If I collected cars behind me going into the WESH curve, I’d pull into the parking lot and let them pass. Didn’t have problems south of Lee. You can turn left on Fairbanks, then right at Driver and be in the ‘hood. Easy ride. If I had a group, I’d be inclined to use Edgewater and ride double in the right lane — high visibility, makes a statement and you don’t have to worry about blocking traffic since they have another lane to pass. The down-side is where Edgewater becomes a 3-lane with the dzbl, you’ll have to single up and ride the left edge of the BL.

      • Jayeson
        Jayeson says:

        OK, I’m not that comfortable with the idea of leading a group on either of those routes but if there is interest I’d be willing to help out on the front or rear end of the group. Maybe leaving from the southernmost trailhead of the Wekiva Trail.

        • Jayeson
          Jayeson says:

          There doesn’t seem to be any interest for a Wekiva Trail bus so I’ve made alternate plans to ride a group of folks into my workplace that day.

  5. Courtney
    Courtney says:

    For the Cady Way Bike Bus, is meeting at 7am a good time? Looks like the actual ride starts at 8am, so that should leave us travel and chit-chat time …

    If anyone has questions for the Cady Way group, you can email me at Courtney@reThinkYourCommute.com!

    • Keri
      Keri says:

      That seems like a good time, lets us mosey there and have time to hang out before the ride. I will meet you at Cady Way and assist however you instruct me to 🙂

  6. Rick
    Rick says:

    I am so bummed that I won’t be able to go on this. I leave town and won’t be back in time. Sigh, maybe next year…

  7. rodney
    rodney says:

    Ride with Me!

    0650 – Depart Publix @ intersection of Curry Ford Road/S. Conway Rd
    0700 – Arrive/Depart Kyles Bicycle Shop 203 N. Primrose Dr
    0710 – Arrive/Depart YMCA 433 N Mills Ave
    0715 – Arrive/Depart 7-11 723 N Mills Ave
    0720 – Arrive/Depart Retro City Cycles 1806 N Orange Ave
    0725-0730 Arrive Infusion Tea 1600 Edgewater Dr

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