How to Start a Movement

This brilliant little three-minute video explains how what can initially seem like a goofy idea (drive your bicycle on the roadway like an equal!?) can become a movement.

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  1. rodney
    rodney says:

    So, that would explain why CommuteOrlando is so wonderful. Keri makes a absolute wonderful lone nut and I honestly say I am glad to be one of the followers and participants.

    Thank you Keri, Mighk, and to all the other lone nuts who have made such a positive impact on how we choose to ride and use bicycles as a transportation alternative.

    Our movement, if you will, is making progress in leaps and bounds. We have shown so many that driving our bicycles is absolutely enjoyable, relaxing, and “safe”. Safe being relevant to other cyclist behavior that is.

    Thanks Mighk for this post.

  2. Carlos
    Carlos says:

    Maybe all their drugs happened to kick in at the same time 🙂 j/k.

    I concur with Rodney. It’s easier to go out there and do it day to day knowing you are not alone. I’ve been bike commuting for 4+ months and I feel guilty when I choose to hop in my car for a quick errand, when I know I could have done it on bike. CommuteOrlando definitely reinforces my drive to get out there. It’s just one of many tribes out there I’m happy to be part of.

  3. Bill
    Bill says:

    The key is to identify the “leader” as advocating something worthwhile, then having the guts to support it. “First followers” have to be good selectors, kind of like venture capitalists.

  4. Lyle
    Lyle says:

    A couple of other observations.
    -The movement must be visible and identifiable. If the shirtless guy had been quietly tapping his foot in some unusual rhythm, nobody would notice. But he was standing up and dancing.
    – A corollary: the movement must be able to distinguish itself from similar movements nearby. Had everyone been dancing, the shirtless guy’s style of dancing would not have been clearly different from the other dancers.
    – If you stand up there alone for very long, without that “first follower”, you eventually become a pariah. So if you want to make a movement, make sure you have some “first followers” lined up in advance….

    • Mighk
      Mighk says:

      Curb-hugging cyclists have been around for decades, but lane-controlling cyclists are the new “lone nuts.” We have our first few followers now.

      The dancing guy didn’t have to worry about some other dancers threatening him and claiming he was cutting in on their turf.

      Sooner or later we’re going to have to mount a serious defense of our movement.

      (Some of us are trying to get out in front of that problem already.)

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