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CommuteOrlando Cargo Ride on Sunday, May 2, 2010.  Meet up at 9:30 AM at Cady Way Trailhead parking lot.

Bring your bicycle trailer, your cargo bike, your baskets or panniers, or whatever you use to carry cargo by bike.

We’ll have a meet, greet and eat (light breakfast) while everyone gathers, then will leave at 10 AM for a nice ride to the Lake Eola Market. The market has fresh produce, plants, food, and other items. We’ll have a chance to check out everyone’s cargo rigs and get some ideas, consider possibilities, and ask questions.

There will be interesting prizes! Look forward to seeing you there!

The possibilites are numerous...

Hey, I'm not riding in a dog trailer!

Easy steps to convert a child trailer into a cargo trailer:

1. Remove child

2. Remove child seating

3. Drop in a sheet of 1/4″ plywood

It's handy to use the cover when you're hauling a load of mullet.

4. Load penguin and bucket of fish

(see photo above)

I was considering using a tiki torch instead of a safety flag, but Keri said,"No! That would be tacky."

Above is a platform trailer similar to what you may see at Rodney’s upcoming Build-a-Trailer Workshop event. They are certainly versatile and good for all kinds of cargo, although a load of penguins and cold beer is hard to beat.

If your cargo is canine, a special trailer like the one to the left makes the ride fun.

Below is a versatile, lightweight cargo trailer that folds up small and tows like nothing is behind you, which can be good, especially if you’re hauling something you’d rather not think about.

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  1. Keri
    Keri says:

    You don’t have to have a trailer or a cargo bike to join the ride. But if you want to pull something, I’m sure we can arrange it 🙂

    I don’t have a trailer yet, so I’m borrowing one of Diana’s. She said I could carry the penguin!

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    I’ll take you up on that flatbed Rodney. I’ll come and bring the family, but not on a trailer. They have to ride too.

    Are we bringing food to share (potluck) or just bringing food to eat together?

    • Keri
      Keri says:

      There are food vendors there (and, more importantly, a beer garden)… what do you all think about a potluck vs byo/food vendors?

    • Diana
      Diana says:

      I have an extra trailer, too. I think Mr. Kuhn is borrowing one, but I still have another. Rick, if your girls need baskets or panniers or anything, I have plenty. I am bringing a light breakfast for everybody to the meet up place (juice, coffee, tea, fruit, and something like muffins) to eat while people arrive, before we ride. There is some good food at Lake Eola, especially the empanadas and arepas. Where is this beer garden? Somehow I have missed that.

      • Keri
        Keri says:

        It’s right in the middle of the food court… the fenced off part. But they’re not allowed to sell beer in Orlando before noon on Sunday, so if you typically leave before 12, you’d miss it 🙂

  3. alexcopeland
    alexcopeland says:

    Well my life is currently caught up in stupid papers for school. Hopefully I’ll be done by sunday so I can come along and atleast bring the xtracycle. If not you guys have a great time without me!

  4. eddie
    eddie says:

    I wish I could go. I just built up a big dummy. have fun. it’s a great idea. show people what you can carry on a bike.

    • Diana
      Diana says:

      We have some ideas for more cargo rides, and I want to see that Surly Big Dummy of yours at the next one, Eddie!

  5. Lyndy
    Lyndy says:

    I bought a kiddie trailer for my dachshund quite a few ago but he would have nothing to do with it! I did take it to Sebring for a garage sale bike ride before trading it to a friend in exchange for some graphic art work! Her two dogs love it, so it is getting good use!

    Hope to join you for the next one!

  6. Keri
    Keri says:


    Thank you so much for your initiative and creativity! This ride was SO MUCH FUN! I just watched the raw video, we are so cool!

  7. Brad
    Brad says:

    Thank you Diana. Here’s to making Cargo rides a regular vehicular happening. Ah, life at a snail’s pace. S-Cargo rocks!

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