Pedaling Revolution

How Cyclists are Changing American Cities I received this book last Friday.  Interesting to note, Orlando’s own Mr. Bicycle, Mighk Wilson is quoted in the beginning chapters.

One of the many things learned thus far is the timeline history of the various bicycle “advocate” camps and their key players.

Since starting commuting, I’ve seen my interest in cycling grow exponentially. I think for many of us this book (thus far for me) will be a repeat of what we know already.  Don’t worry, the tidbits of background info are keeping me in the read.

The titles of the remaining chapters have caught my attention and beckon me to continue on.

Since many of the non-VC camp are trying to bring us the Netherlands’ with the cycle track/bike path hoopla, Mapes details his own personal experience as he learns the ins and outs of such.  “Watch out for the shark’s teeth” the tourists are warned.  Sorry, you’ll have to read the book to get the details on avoiding “the teeth”.

Modal share of Bicycle and Pedestrian conveyance is on the rise. Federal funds are being made available to states for projects such as bike paths, bike lanes, and trails.  Let’s implore of our leaders, whether local, state, or federal, to make the best possible use of the allocated funds.

Our country must rally together to end or alter tremendously the car-centric mentality.  Make the Pedaling Revolution a vital part of restoring civility in our country.

I’m proud to be a part of this exciting “Pedaling Revolution”. Won’t you join me?

Pick up a copy today.  This is a good read for all, especially any novice riders thinking of taking the plunge in to using a bicycle as a viable means of transport.

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  1. ToddBS
    ToddBS says:

    What is the theme of the book? From reading the reviews on Amazon I get the impression that it is trying to preach the benefits of the segregated bicycle infrastructure. What was your take on it?

  2. Rodney
    Rodney says:

    I’ve reached the halfway point tonight. Thus far, nothing has been “preached” about one aspect over the other. Just various cities and how they have started to increase cycling within their community.

    Later chapters are titled “Overcoming the Safety Barriers” and “Bringing Kids Back to Bikes”. Give me until Friday and I can answer the validity of your impression.

  3. JohnB
    JohnB says:

    I’m considering getting a group together to read and discuss this book (or another) as part of my Bicycle Commuting Meetup later this year. I’ve also been hearing a lot of references to “Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us)” and am considering that one.

      • Keri
        Keri says:

        Traffic is quite good. I read the book and bought the audio so I could listen on a long trip. When I first picked it up, I had to put it back down and run to the store for highlighters and postit notes!

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