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  1. Dano
    Dano says:

    Great ride,lets keep it safe and fun for the whole family.I hope to see you out on the roads.Thanks from your friends at Retro City Cylces.

  2. Joe Mizereck
    Joe Mizereck says:

    My work at Safe Cycling, LLC is focused on making cycling safer for everyone. One of my initiatives, http://www.3feetplease.com, is founded on a simple, bold and polite request for motorists to give cyclists at least three feet clearance when passing from the rear. In 15 states at least 3 feet clearance is required by law…in other states and elsewhere around the world it’s a request for courtesy. One critical mass adventure can easily turn hundreds of motorists against cyclists by souring them and erasing any hope of them being courteous and respectful…setting efforts like mine and many others back and making cycling less safe, contributing to more injuries and deaths rather than fewer. Why don’t CMers get this? How can they be so blind to the negative consequences of their actions? How can these CMers possibly think they are making any positive difference? How is it that they are so disconnected from reality?

    Look, if you are a CMer, you must come to understand that what you are doing does not make cycling safer. I implore you to stop and find more effective ways to celebrate cycling…ways that truly celebrate the joys, the uses and the value of cycling. Ways that help make cycling more enjoyable and safer for everyone. Please. Our lives…your lives are at stake.

    Joe Mizereck


  3. Miss Cat
    Miss Cat says:

    Okay, I’ve googled and searched until my fingers bled…maybe I’m blind, but what is the route for CM? I know where it starts….what’s the route and where does it end? Thanks to anyone who can help!!!

    • Keri
      Keri says:

      They don’t publish a route. Typically, it goes down Princeton to Edgewater to Lakeview, down Orange to Anderson, back up Rosalind to Robinson to Mills. Then most of the group turns right at Virginia to go to Stardust. People who drove to the start would continue to Princeton and turn left.

    JRL@SFO.US says:

    I chanced upon your site while researching “mandatory sidepath” laws.

    Found bunch-o-stuff about “driving” and “safety” and “same rights, same rules”, all the usual noises.

    “Lo”, thinks I, “Thou Hast Stumbled Uponst Wisdom!”

    (Try saying ^^that^^ after three martinis!)

    Then I find an “advert” for critical mass, the lamest, stewpedezt, most hypocritical and counter-productive movement in cycling, destructive to all the goodwill that millions try to create.

    Deliberately blocking traffic, flouting laws, provoking cops and motorists, and generally creating an obnoxious safety hazard is no way to cultivate cycling supporters among the non-cycling community.

    Stop promoting critical mass! Stop listing the folly on your calendar and blog. You’ll do us all a lot of good.

    • Keri
      Keri says:

      I respect your point of view on this. And submit that you are correct in pointing out the cognitive dissonance between what we write about and promote and the essence of critical mass.

      Orlando’s CM is an odd combination of a very positive community activity and some of the obvious problems you noted.

      Attempts have been made (and hopefully still are) to create a cooperative relationship between the ride and the city police.


      Some of us would very much like to see it become a more courteous mass, but that’s seeming unlikely. Masses, by nature, aren’t courteous.

      While I personally don’t care for all of the practices of the group, overall, the ride is positive, not adversarial and has minimal impact on motor traffic (due to the nature of our downtown). And most of the interactions actually do tend to be positive.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        “And most of the interactions actually do tend to be positive.”

        But because of what JRL said, you won’t see me me participating. That’s because I am not an “advocate.”

        ‘Course, I don’t like group rides at all — screws up my zen-like experience. Cycling is a wonderful thing.

  5. Ryan Kittleson
    Ryan Kittleson says:

    I ride my bike to work every day and I participated in the last orlando CM. Occasionally, when I ride my bike to work, I’m hastled by motorists who don’t think I belong on the road. This annoys me so I was excited to go to the CM because it would “raise awareness of bicycling”. I was very disappointed and will never go on a CM again. Breaking the traffic rules and being obnoxious to motorists isn’t the way to get THEM to respect OUR right to the road! Corking the greenlit motorists is illegal and just about got a cyclist run over yesterday. It is unreasonable to expect motorists to respect our right to the road by disrespecting theirs.

    • Keri
      Keri says:

      Ryan, beginning in September, Bike/Walk Central Florida is going to conduct Critical Courtesy rides. We will go out in smaller groups in a a radial pattern, obey all laws and be friendly and courteous, while raising visibility for law-abiding cyclists. We’d like it to be a fun, social event like our ice cream and cargo rides. Would you be interested in participating in that?

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