When I first saw this on Copenhagenize, I assumed it was a very old commercial from the ’70s during the OPEC oil embargo.  Turns out it’s quite recent.  I guess I missed it because I don’t watch sports.


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    • Keri
      Keri says:

      Works for me. Let’s start Monday night at 6:30 at B3. Toast the new year and welcome Andy Cline of Carbon Trace.

      While I’ll tip my helmet to Miller, I’ll still bend my elbow with a Craft beer.

  1. JohnB
    JohnB says:

    I guess the beer gut keeps him warm enough pedaling through that snow with his jacket open and just a couple of thin shirts underneath. But will he stick with it at that rate?

    On the topic of beer, Ken O’Brien (who says he’ll show up anywhere if there’s beer) and I and a couple of other VC’s recently met over supper and drinks to discuss VC promotion locally, and the working title of our informal group is currently “Monday Night Beer Drinkers and Cycling Philosophical Society”.

    Speaking of which, I’m supposed to be off to pick up a 12-pack for tonight, and the weather here is looking very similar to that commercial. So I’m off to do some fun snow riding to the local convenience store! Happy New Year, All!

  2. Bryan
    Bryan says:

    Every time I see the ad, I look at the guy, his clothes, bike, the weather, etc, and the only thing that comes to mind is… DUI.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      That’s a real shame.
      I don’t wear Lyrcra.
      I ride a bike that was abandoned on the street and the trash truck wouldn’t take it away.
      I ride in lousy weather.
      I drink beer.

      But you are right. I had one fellow come right out and ask me if I was riding because of a DUI. Took me aback so I didn’t have a snappy come-back.

      I just mumbled something about not getting a ticket in over 20 years.

      I need to memorize a snappy come-back for the next time it happens. Any suggestions?

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