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Then ask the City of Orlando to do something about it.

I finally got down to Primrose with my camera and tape measure. Walking around down there, it’s much worse than I remembered. The usable-pavement width from the center line to the sand or grass is often as little as 11 ft. There are several drain grates encroaching into the bike lane space, one of which is a serious crash hazard (City of Orlando, read: LIABILITY). During the time I was there taking photos, I saw at least 1/2 dozen maximum-width landscape trailers, 2 lynx buses and numerous box trucks. Traffic came in long lines.  This is an appropriate road to provide extra space for cyclist comfort (though I would prefer wide lanes vs bike lanes). But its not enough to just lay down some paint, ignore hazardous conditions, collect your BFC award and walk away while the sand and grass take over the space.

Here are some more photos:

Email Charles Brown at the city. Charles is a nice guy. Ask how you can help him encourage the city to fix this bike lane.

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  1. Darren
    Darren says:

    Channel 9 News happened to put me on the 5 o’clock news to give my opinion on how the expressway authority were maintaining their lawn along Anderson St. Two days later, the grass was cut! Now, you never see it higher than normal.
    It is amazing what something like this can do to get a fire under the city’s hinny!
    Keep it up!!!

  2. andrewp
    andrewp says:

    I’m no bike-lane hater, but that one just has to go ….. or widen the roads and put in a proper one (and fix the grates).

  3. danc
    danc says:

    Keri where’s the bike lane?

    I thought a bike lane was a vehicular travel lane, Steve Magas’ simple definition of a road is the area between the white line.

    The diamond and bicycle symbol appear to be on a paved shoulder, possibly it a bike route?

  4. fred_dot_u
    fred_dot_u says:

    One unfortunate aspect of this collection of photos is that some “people on bikes” would see nothing wrong with the paint treatment.

    Scott, I ride an electric self-balancing unicycle and there’s far too little room in those areas photographed!

    Nice snake-bite drain grates too!

  5. ChrisOtto1014
    ChrisOtto1014 says:

    If he was riding in the direction of the arrow, this would never have happened. Tragic, just tragic.

  6. bencott
    bencott says:

    i ride that stretch on my commute to and from work, and i agree that it would be better without the extra white paint. there’s maybe a total of 40 yards of usable bike lane in each direction (from South to Robinson). also, what’s there is completely useless to a cyclist who’s not comfortable commanding their space when the bike lanes get interrupted near the intersection with Central. on the other hand, i take that stretch daily because it’s the best, safest option i’ve found, and it’s never given me any trouble. it’s just because of my confidence while riding in traffic and not the extra white paint.

  7. angry runner
    angry runner says:

    I’m a runner. I hope we get our own lane, too. I’m tired of shouting “on your left!” to those gd power walkers, retirees with their comfort shoes and soccer moms with their ****ing strollers.

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