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The Florida Safety Council and Florida Bicycle Association are looking for instructors for their Alternative Transportation Education (ATE) classes.

This 3-hour course is taught to motorists with suspended licenses or otherwise less-than-stellar driving records.  It’s a great opportunity to teach safe cycling practices to potential cyclists, as well as teaching roadway sharing principles to motorists.

Candidates should have experience as transportation cyclists and will also need to familiarize themselves with pedestrian law and safety issues, and with other alternative transportation options, such as bus, carpool, taxis, and other motorized vehicles such as mopeds, gopeds and electric bikes.  Completion of the Traffic Skills 101 course is a prerequisite.

Instructors will be part-time employees of the Florida Safety Council, and are paid $15 per hour to teach.  Most are evening courses.  Florida Bicycle Association also provides a $2-per-student incentive, so teaching a 25-student, 3-hour class pays $95.

If you are interested in teaching, please contact me (Mighk Wilson) at:

407-481-5672 ext 318; mwilson (at)

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