LIVESTRONG Day Ride from Kyles

In 1996, October 2nd was the day that Lance Armstrong was diagnoised with cancer. In a global effort to raise awarness and celebrate those who survive with cancer one day at a time, Lance as declaired October 2nd to be LIVESTRONG Day. All across the globe, the color yellow, will be paraded throughout the streets. Here in orlando. We have decided to unite with as much yellow as we can and all meet at kyles bike shop, Downtown on Primrose and Robinson. We meet on friday the 2nd at 6:30 for a 4mile loop family pace parade lap, after the first loop the kids can rest and the adults can keep makin laps with kyles bike shop at the rest station, for drinks. We encourage everyone to come, any bike is welcome, if it rolls it can come. Only requirement is to WEAR THE COLOR YELLOW.

203 N. Primerose Dr.
Orlando Fl. 32801
407 228 7088

Hope to see ya there.