Screening: Dear Mr. Gore

Dr. Mills’ film is playing at the 2009 Global PEace Film Festival. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ve got two more chances this month!


This personal narrative documentary uses the director’s bicycle ride to work as a vehicle to explore fear and global warming. The film was shot over a period of two years in Sweden, Denmark and Orlando, Florida. It is a contemplative response to An Inconvenient Truth and provides a unique perspective on one person’s attempt to reduce her carbon footprint and overcome fear. She wonders, “Will Americans ever be able to give up personal freedom for the good of the planet?” Her journey to the answer takes the viewer on a humorous bike ride. Along the way she meets Swedes, Danes and many young people who aren’t afraid of giving up their cars. But she discovers that the reasons they ride may not be directly related to their concerns about global warming. The film features a bicycle ride with the Mayor of Orlando and music by Danish electric violin sensation Mads Tolling.

The film includes familiar scenes from Orlando Critical Mass and Alley Cat races. Hey, you may see yourself 🙂

Tickets are available on-line at or you can buy tickets at the door (cash only).

Times and Locations

Wednesday Sept.23rd 8:30p
at Bush Aud. Rollins College

Sat. Sept 26th 1:15p
at the Winter Park Library

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  1. danc
    danc says:

    Dr Mills film is worth a look. Cycling/cyclists are more a vehicle for a video personal diary about the ontology of discovering life in academia and meta apology to Mr Gore for 2000 vote kerfuffle.

    It’s OK but from a commuter cycling perspective, the good PhD seriously needs some help! Maybe some in the Orlando area could give her tutorial on the streets that stumped her, provide a safer alternative or get her to Traffic Cycling class. Maybe there’s another, better film!

    Longer review: “Dear Mr. Gore…”

    Another video from the Miami Valley Cycling Summit film festival:

    Play (music video shot on iphone 3GS)
    [Guilty pleasure: Country scenes are part of my commute to work]

    Behind the scenes of “Play” by BJSR

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