Humpday Inspiration

from Adventure Cycling


I love the quote at the end.

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  1. rodney
    rodney says:

    Wow! What a way to see our great country. It is like in the movie “City Slickers” You have to find the ONE THING and for each that is different.

    Life a journey with many destinations.

  2. Rantwick
    Rantwick says:

    Man, it is weird how great a two lane highway stretching into the distance can look in that context. That damn video almost made me leave work to go ride the coutnryside.

  3. Mighk
    Mighk says:

    Thanks SO much for posting that, Keri.

    I did my 1987 TransCon tour solo, but the best part was hooking up with other riders along the way, especially along the Pacific coast.

    And speaking of the Pacific coast, seeing it for the first time and getting there by bike was such a humbling experience. I’d rode from Orlando up to Maine before heading west, covering over 6,000 miles before hitting the coast in Oregon. Then sitting there you realize it’s 15,000 miles to Japan.

  4. ToddBS
    ToddBS says:

    Just… wow. I’m pretty far from a helmet stickler myself, but I’m surprised ACA put their name on a video featuring helmetless riders. That said… this is my new favorite cycling video of all time.

    Definitely going into my Youtube favorites and will definitely get played weekly (at the very least). I’ve never felt more inspired to go out wandering in my life.

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