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In a few hours, LisaB and I will be boarding an AMTRAK train for Richmond, VA. We’re riding the Adventure Cycling route (with some modifications) from Richmond to north of Philadelphia.

For your amusement, the feeds from our Twitter & Twitpic updates are consolidated on the new Adventure page.

This trip will include some transit highlights — using DC Metro and Baltimore’s lightrail. We’ll also get to explore some of the multi-use paths in the DC area. I suspect it will inspire more detailed blogging when we return, but I’m not hauling a laptop.

The following mapmyride links show our route, day by day:

Day 1 (Friday 7/17): Richmond to Guinea

Day 2 (Saturday 7/18): Guinea to Occoquan
This is our longest day. Forecast calls for rain. Oh well.

Day 3 (Sunday 7/19): Occoquan to Alexandria
This is a short-mileage day to rest a little and sightsee. We’ll take the trail from Mount Vernon to Alexandria.

Day 4 (Monday 7/20): Alexandria to Baltimore
No map into DC, it’s all trail. We’ll do some tourist stuff, then head north. The map shows a ride route all the way to BWI, but we may take the Metro to Greenbelt and join the ride route there. Dinner with high school friends.

Day 5 (Tuesday 7/21): Baltimore to Columbia (PA)
We’re staying near the lightrail station. The rail will take us all the way to Hunt Valley MD, that’s where the riding begins. The little camera icon on the map is where I grew up.

Day 6 (Wednesday 7/22): Columbia to Yellow House
Amish Country

Day 7 (Thursday 7/23): Yellow House to Coopersburg
We’re staying at Casa Schubert Wednesday eveing. We look forward to meeting John in Sumneytown and riding part of the route with him that day!

Day 8… the route is not planned. It’s a short ride to Doylestown. Then I’ll head to Glenside and catch a ride to Wilmington Delaware to visit my Grandmother — she turns 97 next week.

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  1. Lyle
    Lyle says:

    I assume you’re doing this in July, not June?
    Looks like a good trip. I wonder if Bill H will be around, as you’re going to be right near his stomping grounds and you might enjoy riding a few miles together. Wish it was just a hair more convenient, I’d swing by myself and say hi to the lot of you.

  2. Keri
    Keri says:

    Doh! See what happens when you wait til the last minute to rush out a post! Thanks for pointing that out.

    I’m pretty sure Bill is at his summer home in NY.

  3. P.M. Summer
    P.M. Summer says:

    If you had the time, I’d urge you to visit Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, to see the most incredible public war memorial in the whole damn world.

    Have a great trip!

  4. eddie
    eddie says:

    have fun. one day I’ll do a transit/bike trip with family in tow. in the u.s. no less. did train/ bike in italy in may and it was great!

    for now, I let you live my dream.

  5. andrewp
    andrewp says:

    Following along on the twitter page she linked to ….. Keri is enjoying the local brews as much as the bike trip iteself — so would I!! 🙂

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